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The Education Salon Series

Since the founding of Keystone, we have held a series of branding events, including lectures, interviews, and performances, inviting guests from various fields to share their thoughts and actions on topics such as education, culture, literature and art. T

  • The Essence of Higher Education – The Idea of a University

    This series is a joint project by the Keystone Office of Marketing and Communications and the Office of College Counseling. From time to time, we invite presidents, deans, professors, and admissions officers from the world’s top universities to be our guests in in-depth discussions on the essence of higher education and their educational philosophies. 

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      AI Wonder: Marveling at a techno-future with Cambridge Professor Pietro Liò

      Pietro Liò , Professor at the department of Computer Science and Technology of the University of Cambridge

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      Humanities education enables us to understand people

      Frédéric Mion
      Former Director of Sciences Po

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      Why Liberal Arts education is future-oriented

      Xiaofeng Wan
      Admission Officer of Amherst College

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      Care to study film? Forget everything you know about it first.

      Richard Peña
      Professor of Professional Practice, Film and Media Studies, Columbia University School of the Arts

  • Master Classes

    Every year, Keystone invites many experts and scholars from various fields to come and give students master classes full of wisdom and philosophical thinking, bringing students new perspectives and broadening their horizons.

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      Sowing the seeds of music

      Robert van Sice
      Lecturer in Percussion, Yale School of Music

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      The Indomitable Human Spirit

      Jane Goodall
      Primatologist, Anthropologist, UN Messenger of Peace

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      Poetry guides my writing

      Susan Kinsolving
      American poet

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      Telling stories with light

      Mark Sutton Vane
      Architectural Lighting Designer