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  • But you must not see your learning, or your life, as a competition. You must see excellence all around you as an opportunity to learn faster, and more deeply, and grow and collaborate.

    Dr. Emily McCarren

    Executive Head of School

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  • Little by little, Keystone has become our second home, a place we longed to explore beyond yet felt too attached and connected to ever truly leave...It was fate that brought us here together; had I chosen again, I would still come to Keystone, and you are the reason.

    Ray Chu

    Student Speaker, Class of 2024

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  • Envision the world through other people's eyes to experience other perspectives. In this way, empathy will begin to play a positive role in your life.

    Dr. Régine de Blegiers

    Head of High School

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  • We urge you to hold onto the dreams and values that have shaped you thus far but also to remain open to growth and change. Life is a continuous journey of learning, and you will find teachers in the most unexpected places and lessons in the most unexpected experiences.

    Kelby Govender & Vladimir Simic

    Faculty Speakers and Grade Level Leaders, Class of 2024

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The Keystone Class of 2024 in photos

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Destinations of Keystone Graduates

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Keystone Graduate Profiles
Meet New World Thinkers

  • 2024

  • 2023

  • 2022

  • 2021

  • 2020

  • 2019

  • 2018

  • 2024
    Soar Across the Night Sky like Stars, Brightening the World

    Keystone’s seventh graduating class are a shining example of the close connections formed within the Keystone community. Although they are about to embark on their own new journeys, they will carry the brilliant light of the class with them to brighten their own corner of the universe.

  • 2023
    It could mean something, it could mean everything.

    The Keystone Class of 2023 is forged—like iron in the hottest of fires. They have been through what many adults will remember as some of the most difficult years of their lives, and they are strong and capable of doing hard things. They have shown us that they can do the hardest of things and keep their hearts full of purpose, and goodness.

  • 2022
    A Class of Miracles: Keystone Sends Off Fifth Graduating Cohort

    The Keystone Academy Class of 2022 moves forward to the next stage of their academic journeys with their heads held high as they are a cohort “full of miracles”.

  • 2021
    Keystone Class of 2021 Celebrates Growth, Resilience, and Success Amid Pandemic Challenges

    Keystone’s fourth graduating cohort has been described as the “Resilient Class of 2021” who have all persevered throughout the pandemic. The cohort was ready to take on the challenge when they began the Diploma Programme in 2019, but encountered a different reality later on.

  • 2020
    Keystone Class of 2020 Looks to a Future That Is Worth Waiting For

    Every year during fall, thousands of schools around the world welcome new and returning students for a fresh academic year. Keystone Academy has marked the season differently this year, sending its third graduating cohort off to their next journey amid the coronavirus pandemic.

  • 2019
    An Ode to the Class of 2019

    On the 25th of May, Keystone held its 2nd annual graduation ceremony. Faculty, staff, and families of the graduates, alongside Distinguished Guests and Trustees, turned their gaze towards students as they marched in unison towards their seats beneath the Academy’s Archway.

  • 2018
    This Is Just the Beginning of Your New and Impending Journey into The Next Phase of Your Lives!

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