Each member of the Keystone Academy community — parents, students, teachers and support staff — is expected to act in ways that show respect, compassion and consideration for others, and to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for all. Membership in our community offers unique privileges and also implies shared responsibility. In an atmosphere where safety, trust and belonging are our goals, we create a strong community partnership through a collective sense of values and traditions. All community members affirm our Five Traditional Virtues, and these core principles provide the foundation for our behavior and interactions.

Ren 仁 Compassion

We are social beings who derive identity from our interactions with each other. We recognize the interdependence of communities and cultures. We act with kindness, understanding and empathy in our relationships with others. We value the quality of our connections, and care for the emotional, physical and spiritual health of self and those around us. We act with a generous spirit and make a positive difference in the communities in which we live and learn.

Yi 义 Justice

We act rationally and fulfill our responsibilities courageously and with determination, steadfast in our integrity and sense of balance. We resolutely uphold justice for all. We are compassionate stewards of our community, of humankind, and of our world ecology.

Li 礼 Respect

We value the norms and expectations for social behavior in our community and beyond. We base our interactions and relationships on respect, reverence, equality and a desire to serve and better understand each other. We possess a sense of duty and compassion towards family, community and our ever-changing world.

Zhi 智 Wisdom

We accept the wisdom of others while diligently pursuing personal enrichment and knowledge. Wisdom guides us to make the right decisions in life. We use intuition, intelligence and reflection to seek higher meaning and we employ our introspective abilities to understand the human heart and condition. We carry forth our knowledge to lead and serve in ways that benefit the common good.

Xin 信 Honesty

Honesty and trust are the building blocks of every community. We rely on good intentions, the honoring of commitments and authenticity in each and every interaction. Our community members tell the truth, act with integrity and live up to the highest of expectations. We will be self-governing, accept responsibility for our actions and lead by example.