Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest in Keystone Academy! We are delighted to share with you all that this amazing school has to offer. Since its founding in 2014, Keystone has rapidly developed a strong reputation for innovation and success in the global educational community for both its academic excellence and educational innovation.

Keystone was founded to become a new “world school”, weaving together insights from around the globe about how to best prepare children for their futures. The school draws wisdom from three distinct educational cultures: that of China, the American boarding schools, and the international schools, which are hubs of global connection and learning.

Keystone is, first and foremost, a Chinese school, a place where children from all over the world can become deeply rooted in the ancient and flourishing in the present through a line of Chinese cultures, thought, and wisdom. To this end, Keystone Academy is based in a bilingual education in Chinese and English in the elementary years, and a robust “Chinese Thread” is woven throughout the entire school experience Foundation through Grade 12—orienting the students to Chinese language, history, culture, and identity while striving towards China’s exciting future. 

Most middle and high school students live in the residential dormitories on our purpose-built campus. This caring community of teachers and students is an extraordinary recipe for deep and enduring learning inside and outside of the classrooms in the formative adolescent years. It is in residential life that our students fully engage with the critical skills related to Keystone’s shared values of compassion (rén), justice (yì), respect (lǐ), wisdom (zhì), and honesty (xìn).

Keystone Academy has been designed to prepare students for their lives of meaningful purpose in our interconnected world. Rooted in China, with branches reaching out to the world, our students are poised for leadership in the vast complexities of our planet.

In addition to the learning of our students, Keystone is a vibrant center for educator learning as well, welcoming teachers from around the world who are passionate about what is possible for our students and the critical role that education plays in our shared future.

We hope that you will contact us to learn more about this world-class school on our beautiful campus in Beijing. We can’t wait to learn about the world and for the world, with you.


Emily McCarren, Ph.D. 

Executive Head of School