One of the keystones of our educational philosophy is directly related to the experience our students have in our boarding and residential program; this opportunity is critical to the mission of the Academy and fundamental to the success of our school. Our dormitories are "homes away from home." The supervision, mentoring, bonding, leadership development and personal growth that happens in this unique learning environment is a supplement to all that our students master in the classroom.

Our dormitory rooms are comfortable, modern and secure. Lighting, study space and attention to detail have been key to our design and furnishings. Each student room shares a private en suite bathroom and every dormitory hallway has a student lounge for socializing, movie watching or group study. The lounges are outfitted with kitchen facilities and a microwave. Students have wireless Internet connectivity that is monitored and shut off at the end of each night’s study hours.

Four teachers live in residence with students, in private apartments, on each hallway. These teachers are called dorm parents and they provide supervision, support and mentoring for our boarding students. In addition, dorm parents are on hand to organize dorm activities, prepare occasional snacks after study hours, hold dorm meetings, mediate conflicts and provide counsel.

The residential life program provides a vibrant element to school life at Keystone Academy. It includes everything from our advising program, to ensuring the safety and security of students, Dorm Parents (teachers at the Academy who live in private apartments on the hallway with the students), dorm life with 24/7 supervision, academic support and library access at night during study hours, outings and activities during the week and on the weekends, co-curricular offerings after school, counseling and support services and our Health Center.