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A Symphony of Hopes, Dreams, and Vision
10 Years of Walking with the World

In the past ten years, the ideal of education has been practiced by countless individuals in the Keystone community.  Keystone is a school, but it is also a sample of the ideal of education in action.

We understand that ten years is a long way from truly realizing an educational ideal. However, for a young world school, ten years is a moment worth remembering and commemorating.

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Remarks by the Executive Head of School

A Reflection on What Was and What Shall Be

“We are connected backwards and forwards in time, we are connected to each other, even if we were never on campus together. We are connected in ways that have meaning that we can comprehend right now, and in ways whose meaning may reveal itself later.”

Dr. Emily McCarren, the Executive Head of School of Keystone, delivered the opening speech for the Keystone 10th Anniversary Celebration. As the school’s leader, she reflected on important moments of Keystone over the past ten years, reiterated its positioning and educational ideals, and put forward an imaginative vision for the future based on her reflections and judgments on the status quo.

An Immersive Drama Performance

Telling the Shared Stories of All Keystone Students

Through a series of ten monologues of growth and self-discovery, Keystone students shared their own coming-of-age stories. These ten dramas, many of them penned by the students themselves, pulsed with authenticity and took the audience on the amazing journey that every Keystone student takes. As Keystone stood at the threshold of its 10th anniversary, poised between the past and the future, there could be no more fitting tribute to its legacy than these student stories.

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Ten monologues

Ten Moments

  • 01


    Voiceover: Anne Peng, Keystone Class of 2035

  • 02


    Voiceover: William Li, Keystone Class of 2024

  • 03


    Voiceover: Cici Lu, Keystone Class of 2027

  • 04


    Voiceover: Mica Wang, Keystone Class of 2026

  • 05


    Voiceover: Erin Kim, Keystone Class of 2030

  • 06


    Voiceovers: Derek Zhang, Keystone Class of 2032, Ge Qin, Keystone Class of 2032

  • 07


    Voiceover: Kevin Zhang, Keystone Class of 2026

  • 08


    Voiceover: Josiah Benjamin, Keystone Class of 2026

  • 09


    Voiceover: Christine Chen, Keystone Class of 2026

  • 10


    Voiceover: William Li, Keystone Class of 2024

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Yunyin, Yugezi, Wushu, and Dance

A Harmonious Song of Student Brilliance


Several of Keystone’s student groups, Yunyin Orchestra, Yugezi Children’s Chorus, Wushu Team, and Dance Team, took to the stage at this celebration, presenting a symphony of carefully crafted performances in honor of the school’s 10th anniversary. As the curtain rose, nearly 200 students from these groups united in a harmonious display of passion and dedication. The live performance of Yunyin Orchestra mingled with the ethereal voices of the Yugezi Children’s Chorus, the expressive movements of the Dance Team and the ancient wisdom embodied by the Wushu Team.  

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Canvas, Compassion, and Community

A Charity Auction Unveiling the Altruistic Artistry of Student Visionaries

“Learning for the world” has long been a cornerstone of Keystone’s philosophy. With this spirit in mind, a collection of art pieces from Keystone students was collected for a charity auction at the 10th Anniversary Gala, the proceeds of which were dedicated to supporting Keystone’s long-term service-learning projects in Gansu and Sishui, Shandong. Such service learning is an important part of the school’s curriculum, giving Keystone students a broader perspective and empowering them to become agents of change.

  • 《Masters of Abstraction》

    • Author:Youxi Aanier Zhang、Jiawei Jiawei Wang

    • Grade:4

    • Material:Powder printing

    • Size:63cm x 48cm

    This artwork, from the IPC unit “The World through Artists’ Eyes”, is a collaborative effort by two young artists who have explored various styles and movements in art. They have chosen to express their creativity through abstract art forms, using human figures as the primary design elements in their printmaking work. The arrangement and application of various elements such as colors, lines, shapes, and composition result in an artistic experience that diverges significantly from traditional representational art. The human figures depicted in this work are highly imaginative, and the strong color contrasts add to the visual appeal. A unique aspect of this work is the use of transfer printing, which produces a natural, unpredictable texture effect. This technique, combined with the stark black background, creates a strong impact. The result is an aesthetic experience that transcends the constraints of reality, offering a unique, pure, and freely creative expression of art.

  • 《The Campus》

    • Author:Junxiao Shawn Yin

    • Grade:FM

    • Material:Colors on paper

    • Size:53.5cm x 43cm

    As a new Foundation Year student joining the Keystone community, the young artist found himself immersed in a world brimming with fascinating discoveries and captivating knowledge. Inspired by this transformative experience, he created an artwork that beautifully captures the essence of his journey. In the piece, the artist depicts himself ascending from the vibrant Keystone campus in a whimsical hot air balloon, a vessel filled with hope and boundless imagination. The lines and colors throughout the painting breathe life into the scene, evoking a sense of childlike wonder and innocence. 

  • 《The Little Tiger Goes to School》

    • Author:Chengyou Dustin Jiang

    • Grade:1

    • Material:Colors on paper

    • Size:43cm x 53.5cm

    “Fun Palm Painting” is the inaugural set of artworks created by Grade 1 students as they embark on their educational journey. Through the imaginative use of their small hands, the children have crafted a delightful array of shapes and forms. Experimenting with watercolor pens, oil pastels, and watercolor paints, they have brought their creations to life. “The Little Tiger Goes to School” perfectly encapsulates the excitement and joy experienced by these young artists as they step onto the school campus for the first time. The artwork is characterized by captivating and varied shapes, along with a bold juxtaposition of colors that adds to its visual appeal.

  • 《Painting Poetry》

    • Author:Junxi Michael Ling

    • Grade:2

    • Material:Chinese ink painting

    • Size:41cm x 41cm

    In traditional Chinese culture, the fusion of poetry and painting is a significant art form. By observing and depicting the natural landscapes, characters, and emotional expressions described in poems, artists can transform abstract textual imagery into tangible visual representations. This allows viewers to gain a more profound understanding of the poet’s emotions and thoughts. Through the medium of visual art, the mood and artistic conception of ancient poetry are brought to life. As the young author engages in this creative process, he immerses himself in the spiritual connotations and aesthetic ideas embedded within the concept of “painting within poetry”. This experience deepens his comprehension and interpretation of ancient poems while simultaneously nurturing his pursuit of beauty and fostering his artistic creativity.

  • 《The Embroidered Piece》

    • Author:Ke Duncan Deng

    • Grade:2

    • Material:Wax crayon

    • Size:41cm x 41cm

    Exploring the theme of “embroidery” and delving into the traditional craftsmanship of Chinese ethnicities, the young artist employs lines and colors to capture the intricate textures of embroidery. With a palette that is both vibrant and bold, the artwork exudes a lively and assertive quality. The artist’s use of strong contrasts and striking juxtapositions elevates the embroidered pieces to a level of high visual appeal and impact. The incorporation of the Chinese dragon pattern, a symbol that coincides with the zodiac sign of 2024, adds a playful and childlike charm to the composition. As the young artist immerses himself in the exploration and appreciation of traditional Chinese craftsmanship, he gradually develops the understanding and ability to preserve and promote the traditional cultural heritage.

  • 《The Owl》

    • Author:Victor

    • Grade:G12

    • Material:Acrylic painting

    • Size:40cm x 50cm

  • 《Experience Dorm Life》

    • Donars: Dean of Residential Life Nehemiah Olwande and Amenda Shen

  • 《Two-Day Ski Getaway》

    • Donar: Executive Head of School, Emily McCarren

  • 《"Prosecco" and Cheese Evening》

    • Donar: Head of Primary School, Beryl Nicholson

  • 《Uncover the Treasures of the Keystone Libraries》

    • Donar: Director of Libraries, Kacy Song

  • 《Spread Warmth and Love through Knitting》

    • Donar: Associate Dean of Faculty and Secondary School English Language Teacher, Sandra Clark Guillotel

  • 《Enjoy a Musical Afternoon Tea》

    • Donar: Director of PAC, Wenbin Jin

  • 《HeartSaver FIRST AID CPR AED》

    • Donar: Health Center

  • 《Discover the Rhythm of African Dance》

    • Donar: Associate Dean of Curriculum and Science Teacher, Portia Mhlongo

  • 《Feel the Energy of Zumba this Summer》

    • Donar: Director of PAC, De Anne Dubin

  • 《Titleless》

    • Author:Michelle Yang

    • Grade:12

    • Material:Oil on canvas

    • Size:46cm x 46cm

    This oil on canvas artwork beautifully depicts two aplacas standing on vast and lush grasslands. The artist's meticulous use of texture and color creates a lifelike and vibrant representation of the scene, invoking a sense of serene beauty and tranquility. The selection of aplacas, known for their strength and grace, is not random. The artist's intention was to capture and communicate the majesty and resilience of nature, and its inhabitants, which often goes unnoticed. The aplacas stand as a symbol of the enduring beauty and strength that exists in our natural world. Their posture, standing tall and confident, is a tribute to the unyielding spirit of life that perseveres despite the challenges it faces.

  • 《Cultural Ripples-A Silent Auction》

    • Author:Grace Liu

    • Grade:12

    • Material:Oil On Canvas

    • Size:60 cm x 80cm

    The deep, inky background evokes the boundless sea, creating a timeless aura. The fish symbolizes prosperity and harmony, representing the intertwining forces of tradition, modernity, and commerce amid globalization. Moreover, the fish bones and the deep backdrop speak to the fragility of life and the relentless passage of time. This composition offers a profound reflection on the intersection of tradition and global exchange, embodying the delicate balance of life and culture.

  • 《Shadow》

    • Author:Corinne Ren

    • Grade:12

    • Material:Multi-layer Stencils, Spraying Colors

    • Size:64cm x 64cm

    Exploring the multidimensional nature of the female experience has been a central theme in many of my artistic endeavors. In this artwork, I employed a combination of mixed media, incorporating multi-layer stencils and spray colors to achieve the desired visual effect. "Shadow" speaks to the resilience of women living on the margins of today's world, where they face societal constraints yet persist with unyielding strength. This piece celebrates the essence of womanhood – its enduring spirit and relentless determination in facing adversity.

  • 《Line 15》

    • Author:Angela zhang

    • Grade:12

    • 材质:Oil on canvasMaterial

    • Size:60cm x 120cm

    This artwork depicts the scene of a regular subway carriage, with a fish within which symbolizes people who commute daily through subway. This artwork contributes to explaining how repetitive tasks causes our life to be tedious and systemized. The use of opposite color, purple and yellow, creates an absurd and imaginary atmosphere. This artwork is inspired by my longstanding experience with Line 15 in Shunyi, Beijing.

  • 《Under the Veil》

    • Author:Serene Zhang

    • Grade:12

    • Material:Etching

    • Size:50cm x 70cm

    “Under the Veil” is a series comprising four plastic etchings that intricately explore the theme of the pervasive sense of surveillance prevalent in modern society. The central figure, gazing downward at the viewer, evokes an atmosphere of indifference, symbolizing the perpetual scrutiny experienced by individuals. The intricate interplay of background lines signifies the invisible oppression and limitations imposed by our surrounding environment. The veil emerges as a metaphor for the surrender of individuality in the quest for societal conformity. The pressure to adhere to social norms often results in the suppression of personal expression, with the authentic self obscured beneath a facade.

  • 《Wonders of Existence》

    • Author:Lydia Meng

    • Grade:12

    • Material:Oil on canvas

    • Size:60 cm x 80cm

    With mosaic-like brushstrokes, I explored the sense of loneliness usually felt by individuals in cities: surrounded by blurry points of light that the world has painted as brilliant yet feeling far removed from this infinitely splendid world. Amidst the dazzle, one confronts the profound paradox of modern existence—simultaneously connected and isolated, yearning for authentic connection amidst the cacophony of superficial brilliance.

  • 《lotus》

    • Author:Mico Zhang

    • Grade:12

    • Material:Oil On Canvas

    • Size:50cm x 60cm

    Lotus has been a typical feature of Buddhism and internal calmness. This work refers to the religious system on this planet includes mixed concepts: cube and circle, cold and warm. A chaotic ideological struggle.

  • 《Braided》,《Braided》

    • Author:Mico Zhang

    • Grade:G11

    • Material:Oil on canvas

    • Size: 60cm in diameter

    This work illustrates the ties of a family through a historical perspective. The painting presents a young boy from a fish-eye lens, zooming into the eyes of the boy. He faced the struggle between new identity and family traditions of the Qing Dynasty. It hints family constraints on the development of individuals throughout history. 

  • 《Titleless》

    • Author: Weixin Ruan

    • Grade:G9

    • Material:Chinese painting line drawing

    • Size:38cmx38cm

    For these classes these past few days, we’ve been working on an artwork that employs the use of the Traditional Chinese calligraphy brush paints, in which we practice the correct way of using the brush and harnessing our previous experiences with the practice. We learned several different ways of drawing lines by utilizing a variety of strategies, such as drawing short and stubby lines, or long, thin flowy lines etc. The beauty of this artwork is the embroidery on the woman’s sleeves, contrasting with the flowy clothes included in this artwork. I particularly like the usage of thin lines, which go well with the entire artwork.

  • 《Titleless》

    • Author: Weixin Ruan

    • Grade:G9

    • Material:Mural

    • Size:50cm x 60cm

    My original approach was to first understand and learn the art of the calligraphy brush; and I choose some sketches down below where I modeled different aspects of Dunhuang elements such as the lilies and hair ornaments on the main lady of the portrait. She is also carrying this light pink silk fabric in her hands, which is a sign of young and lively characteristics represented by the color. Her hands are cupped into an elegant poise, which shows sign of high intelligence, and sharp-witted thinking. 

  • 《Titleless》

    • Author: Cyan Xing

    • Grade:G9

    • Material:Mural

    • Size:50cm x 50cm

    It is well known that I have always been fascinated by various mythological creatures. This project provided me with the perfect opportunity for independent creation, as the beautiful lines of Dunhuang seamlessly aligned with my personal vision, effortlessly outlining the image in my mind.

    During the initial design phase, I swiftly determined the central theme: A Transtemporal Gaze. The celestial maiden, gracefully dancing, faces the majestic white dragon, embodying the enchanting fusion of human and divine elements. This juxtaposition represents the mysterious connection that spans across the two ends of time. Once I had settled on this theme, I promptly began seeking references to enrich and solidify the ideas that were floating in my mind, grounding them in tangible elements.

  • 《The world is an orange》

    • Author:Zoe Fang

    • Grade:G9

    • Material:Acrylic painting

    • Size:60cn x 90cm

    This artwork is a display of my identity in an abstract way. I included an orange as the main subject who holds my head in the center of the painting. I thought that the color orange brings energy and hope, which is the ideal mindset that I want to maintain in life.

  • 《Dance》

    • Author:Muyi Dong

    • Grade:9

    • Material:Oil on canvas and acrylic painting

    • Size:60 cm x 80cm

    "Dance" is a tribute to the spirit of perseverance and resilience in life. After experiencing pain and suffering in the midst of turbulent waves, broken and rebuilt, it can still produce new shoots of hope, grow into vines, and even blossom into the flower of life. The whole picture shows a phoenix dancing from afar, which is a double meaning of "phoenix rising from the ashes, reborn from the fire".

  • 《Tranquil Pink》

    • Author:Jolie Zhu

    • Grade:G8

    • Material:Acrylic painting

    • Size:50cm x 50cm

    My painting, titled Tranquil Pink, is a night scene featuring clouds and a moon. One of the key techniques I employ repeatedly in my paintings is blending - for example, mixing a darker periwinkle blue with a lighter aqua blue to create a sense of clearer weather.

    My primary aim in creating this artwork is to convey a sense of serenity and peace through the depiction of light, fluffy clouds. 

  • 《The Sailboats》

    • Author:Kitty Liu

    • Grade:G6

    • 材质:Oil on canvasMaterial

    • Size:50cm x 70cm

    Two sailboats floating on the overcast waters.

  • 《Flowers' Whisper》

    • Author:Mingyu Cathy Zhang、Emmi Munday

    • Grade:5

    • Material:Oil on canvas

    • Size:53.5cm x 43.5cm

    This artwork, completed using the oil painting palette knife technique, is a vibrant fusion of colors that forms a striking backdrop for the white galsang flowers in the foreground. These white flowers present a sharp contrast against the colorful background, embodying the creativity of the two young artists. The flowers' purity and elegance are symbolized through this artwork, with the palette knife technique giving them a relief-like effect, making their forms appear more vivid and realistic. The artists have successfully captured the delicate textures and subtle color changes of the flowers, resulting in a harmoniously balanced composition that is both colorful and full of life. The artwork exudes a unique artistic charm, reflecting the artists’ deep understanding of the vitality and beauty of flowers. It gives viewers a sense of inner joy and hope, enhancing the emotional resonance and infectious power of this oil painting. 

  • 《The Song of Life》

    • Author:Ziying Amy Zhang

    • Grade:5

    • Material:Woodcut

    • Size:43cm x 53.5cm

    The “Song of Life” art unit is a celebration of all forms of life on Earth, extending its reverence and respect to the entire natural world. The expression of this artwork allows us to appreciate the greatness and beauty of life, while also emphasizing the importance of environmental protection and ecological balance. In our rapidly evolving era, it encourages us to cherish the vitality of every life form, respect the laws of nature, and together, compose a harmonious “Song of Life”. The artwork employs delicate and precise woodcutting techniques, using the interplay of light and shadow to accurately depict the physical features of an elephant. The background is skillfully handled to create a sense of spatial depth, bringing the overall image to life. 

  • 《A Sketch of Keystone Campus》

    • Author:Siyuan Julie Liu

    • Grade:4

    • Material:Watercolor

    • Size:53.5cm x 43cm

    Upon Keystone’s 10th anniversary, students showcase their artistic skills by sketching the campus using perspective modeling techniques learned in their visual arts classes throughout the academic year. This artwork, created with unique perspectives and delicate brushstrokes, captures the distinctive architectural structure of Keystone’s Archway. Using monochrome, light and shadow, and perspective techniques, the young artist has skillfully presented one of Keystone’s most representative views. The artwork brings the campus to life, as if one can hear the laughter and feel the youthful energy of the students radiating from the piece. The interplay of light and shadow is expertly portrayed, while students’ emotions towards the campus are expressed vividly and authentically. This campus sketch not only serves as an impressive art piece but also encapsulates the beautiful memories of happiness and growth experienced by the students during their time at Keystone.

  • 《The Plum Blossom - One of the Four Gentlemen》

    • Author:Yu Colin Li

    • Grade:3

    • Material:Chinese painting

    • Size:56cm x 56cm

    The plum blossom, known as the first of the “Four Gentlemen” flowers and one of the “Three Friends of Winter” in Chinese painting, proudly blooms on branches in the biting cold wind, symbolizing the heroic spirit of the Chinese nation as well as perseverance and noble character. This artwork features a large area of white space, combined with the thick and thin, dry and wet, and intense changes in the branches and trunks, as well as the opening of different plum blossoms. The composition creates a layered and rhythmic effect, evoking a unique poetic atmosphere and mood of the plum blossom, showing a vivid and expressive image.

  • 《The Strange Sunflowers》

    • Author:Xiaoye Fiona Zeng、Wenyao Kitty Zhao

    • Grade:2

    • Material:Acrylic painting

    • Diameter: 39.5cm

    In the eyes of a young artist, a sunflower is strange yet beautiful, with its round disc, large petals, and vibrant colors. This artwork comes to life through energetic hues and expressive flower gestures, inspired by the freehand depiction of nature. This approach infuses the piece with a sense of vitality and dynamism. Through the young artists’ perspective, the world around them is transformed into a kaleidoscope of colors, where every object is imbued with its own distinct beauty. Art enables us to discover and showcase the inherent splendor of nature and invites us to step into the extraordinary realm of imagination. As we immerse ourselves in their painting, we can appreciate and feel the life force that pulses through every brushstroke.

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Time Preserved: A Visual Journey

Let's meet again in the next decade.

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  • a_img22.jpg
  • 筹备期

  • 2013

  • 2014

  • 2015

  • 2016

  • 2017

  • 2018

  • 2019

  • 2020

  • 2021

  • 2022

  • 2023

  • 2024

  • a_img23.jpg

    May 2011: Renowned architect Jerry Zhao was invited to provide the conceptual design for the school buildings that features typical New England Boarding school elements such as a courtyard, an archway, and the red brick exterior. Harvard Professor of Architecture, Preston Scott Cohen was invited to design the Performing Arts Center.

  • thumb_a1_img01.jpg

    March 2012: A founding MoU was signed by the school sponsors that specified the purpose and nature of Keystone as a not-for-profit K-12 school.

  • thumb_a_img24.jpg

    October 2012: Keystone campus under construction.

  • thumb_a_img25.jpg

    July 2013: A team of 15 founding leaders started a full year of preparatory work in a temporary office in the Global Trade Center, Beijing.

  • thumb_a_img26.jpg

    July to August 2014: Keystone held its first four-week orientation for new employees.

  • thumb_a1_img02.jpg

    September 2014: Keystone officially opened with 90 leaders, teachers and learning assistants, 63 supporting staff, and 290 students from Foundation Year to Grade 9.

  • thumb_a1_img03.jpg

    September 2014: Keystone held a grand dedication ceremony.

  • thumb_a1_img04.jpg

    September 2014: Keystone’s first group of founding students participated in the Matriculation Ceremony at the Archway, officially becoming members of the Keystone community.

  • thumb_a1_img05.jpg

    April 2015: Keystone students embarked on a service-learning trip to Nepal.

  • thumb_a1_img06.jpg

    Late April 2015: Keystone’s first English drama production, Going to the West, was staged.

  • thumb_a1_img07.jpg

    June 2015: Keystone’s Time Capsule was locked away to be reopened in 2040.

  • thumb_a1_img08.jpg

    November 2015: Keystone’s first student newspaper, The Voice, was published. It has evolved into Keystone’s official student news account.

  • thumb_a1_img09.jpg

    March 2016: Keystone collaborated with the International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) to hold the ISTA festival, “Bringing to Life”.

  • thumb_a1_img10.jpg

    June 2016: Keystone’s first Chinese drama, Thunderstorm, was staged at the Performing Arts Center.

  • thumb_a1_img11.jpg

    October 2017: Keystone held the opening ceremony for its High School Library, which was designed by British designer Luke Hughes.

  • thumb_a1_img12.jpg

    November 2017: Led by 8 Keystone Secondary School students, the first edition of Keystone TEDx was held.

  • thumb_a1_img13.jpg

    April 2018: Keystone hosted its first IB DP Arts Exhibition in the Visual Arts Studio.

  • thumb_a1_img14.jpg

    May 2018: Keystone held a graduation ceremony for its first cohort of 47 graduates, the Class of 2018.

  • thumb_a1_img15.jpg

    December 2018: The dedication ceremony of the Keystone Observatory was held. This project was funded by parents of the Class of 2018.

  • thumb_a1_img16.jpg

    April 2019: Keystone celebrated its 5th anniversary with a special event and charity auction, which took place on campus.

  • thumb_a1_img17.jpg

    April 2019: The Keystone Color Run, one of Keystone’s traditional charity events, was held on the Quad.

  • thumb_a1_img18.jpg

    Summer 2019: The renovation of two lecture halls and building of the new Primary School Hutong Theatre were completed, all designed by Luke Hughes. The lecture hall project was funded by Keystone parents.

  • thumb_a1_img19.jpg

    September 2019: Students from various grades embarked on Keystone’s Outdoor Education Programs, stepping into nature in this annual tradition.

  • thumb_a1_img20.jpg

    November 2019: Primatologist, anthropologist, and UN Messenger of Peace Jane Goodall graced Keystone with her visit.

  • thumb_a1_img21.jpg

    Mid-May 2020: Students began returning to school for classes. The campus, which had been closed for several weeks due to the pandemic, was once again buzzing with life.

  • thumb_a1_img22-796.jpg

    June 2021: Students showcasing their research findings to the community at the Capstone Presentations.

  • thumb_a1_img23.jpg

    September 2021: Panoramas of Magnificence, an exhibition of Dunhuang mural arts was on show at Keystone, with its official opening on September 8. That evening, the Keystone community was treated to an enlightening Education Salon titled “Where Art Meets Culture”, presented by Mr. Zhao Shengliang, Party Secretary of Dunhuang Academy China.

  • thumb_a1_img24.jpg

    January 2022: Captains of various Keystone sports teams, including basketball, volleyball, football, badminton, table tennis, and swimming, took a group photo. Keystone students enjoy and immerse themselves in more than twenty different sports activities.

  • thumb_a1_img25.jpg

    March 2022: At the Cultural Mosaic celebration, a student-led event, Keystone students immersed themselves in customs and practices from all around the world.

  • thumb_a1_img26.jpg

    April 2022: Keystone held its annual Love of Reading Month, a month filled with rich and diverse activities. This important tradition, which originated from Love of Reading Week in 2015, has evolved into an even more creative and engaging event in 2022.

  • thumb_a1_img27.jpg

    Summer of 2022: Keystone students organized a diverse range of campus activities during Spirit Week.

  • thumb_a1_img28.jpg

    July 2022: Founding Head of School Malcolm McKenzie retired and became an honorary trustee. August 2022: New Executive Head of School Emily McCarren joined Keystone.

  • thumb_a1_img29.jpg

    September 2023: Soaring to New Horizons: Keystone held its Opening Ceremony for the 2022-2023 Academic Year.

  • thumb_a1_img30.jpg

    March 2023: Grade 10 students presented their year-long projects to the community at the annual Personal Project exhibition.

  • thumb_a1_img31.jpg

    May 2023: Phase I of the Performing Arts Center renovation project was completed.

  • thumb_a1_img32.jpg

    May 2023: The Keystone Family Fun Day, another one of Keystone’s rich traditions, took place on campus, bringing together community members for a delightful summer day filled with fun activities and shared experiences.

  • thumb_a1_img33.jpg

    June 2023: Keystone Primary School organized engaging activities for the annual celebration of Children’s Day.

  • thumb_a1_img34.jpg

    January 2024: Keystone celebrated the coming Year of the Dragon in wonderful fashion, with a Primary School Cultural Celebration in the Performing Arts Center, and a Temple Fair in the Secondary School Gym.

  • thumb_a1_img35.jpg

    January 2024: Keystone’s traditional community dinner resumed after the pandemic. This event is one of the key ways in which residential life strengthens the connections and emotional bonds between students and faculty in the boarding school setting.

  • a_img27-319.jpg

    10th anniversary commemorative rings

  • a_img32-229.jpg

    10th anniversary commemorative badges

  • a_img30.jpg

    10th anniversary commemorative necklaces

  • a_img31-241.jpg

    10th anniversary azure dragons

  • a_img29-514.jpg

    10th anniversary canvas bags

  • a_img28-296.jpg

    10th anniversary vacuum bottles