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  • Three Keystones of Keystone’s Education
    Promoting Chinese Culture and Identity in a World Context
    Getting a Bite of Both

    Through consistent and well-organized curriculum planning, as well as innovative teaching methods and experiential learning inside and outside the classroom, Keystone’s unique Chinese Thread weaves Chinese history and culture into the context of globalization.

  • Three Keystones of Keystone’s Education
    Bilingual Immersion in Chinese and English
    “Every teacher at Keystone teaches not only his or her subject, but also languages.”

    Excellent language skills will provide students with more and better opportunities in academics, career development, cultural exchanges, or personal improvement. We expect each of our graduates to be comfortable thinking, communicating, reading, analyzing, and innovating in both English and Chinese.

  • Three Keystones of Keystone’s Education
    Building Character and Community Throughout Our Residential Setting
    Growing at the “home away from home”

    Keystone’s Residential Life Program gives students a wealth of opportunities to make positive changes through small but meaningful actions and understand that taking action is the true mark of leadership. Such an idea will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

What is a World School

Learning from and for the World

A world school aims to nurture local citizens who have a global perspective, respect differences, and live in harmony with others, while also being global citizens. This is Keystone’s definition of a world school and its pursuit.

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    Learning from the World
    Experiential Learning

    Experiential learning is the philosophy of “knowledge in action” to which Keystone has always adhered

    “Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.” – Xunzi

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    Learning from the World
    Invite the World to Campus

    Spacecraft Designer Hong Yang Makes Keystone Education Salon Out of This World

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    The Indomitable Human Spirit: Conservationist Jane Goodall Spreads Hope in Beijing

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    Learn for the World
    Service Learning

    “Knowledge in action” matters, but it is best to learn for others. In a sense, this is the highest level of learning and our expectation for Keystone students.

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    Learn for the World
    Shared Initiatives

    School-wide initiatives by the Keystone community has been focusing on generic world problems, encouraging and helping students to call on the society to pay attention to important issues such as climate change, environmental protection, and wildlife through actions.

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    Primary School

    The Primary School program fulfills the important learning goals of Keystone Academy by providing the social, emotional and intellectual building blocks that students need to flourish.

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    Middle School

    The Middle Years Programme at Keystone Academy provides students with the intellectual, emotional, social, and physical building blocks they need to flourish. Keystone Academy offers a model of integrated education that develops foundations for success in the Diploma Programme and at college.

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    High School

    The Keystone educational model finds extended expression in high school, where we cultivate global perspectives, inquiry-based learning, and character and community building in both academic and residential settings.

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    College Counselling

    With a well-established college counseling system, Keystone makes every effort to guide and support students in their college selection and application. Keystone’s academic success is reflected in the number of outstanding graduates in recent years. At Keystone, we focus on creating an environment where students can thrive with like-minded friends and constantly explore their potential through collaboration and competition.

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    Keystone offers students a large number of extracurricular clubs and groups. Students can also establish new clubs based on shared interests or with friends. While catering to students’ diverse interests and developing their skills, Keystone provides them with opportunities conducive to social skills and physical and mental development.

  • Primary School
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • College Counselling
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  • Meet Our Teachers
    Science Teacher Baldeep Sawhney Bonds Engagement and Experiences Together

    “It is already mind-blowing for students to know that the universe is vast, but still, we have no way of comprehending it fully. But looking at what humanity has achieved in the past 10,000 years gives them that spark to think, ‘We can achieve more, together.’” 

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