Our idea of a world school is one that brings the world in various ways to local people and communities. A world school is characterized by students who are curious, who are trained to ask critical questions, who reach judgments after weighing wide-ranging evidence, and who can move when appropriate from one knowledge or epistemological system to another. Diverse, blended pedagogical styles fuel such fluency.

We think a deep sense of public purpose and learning to serve should be systemic in a world school. Students and teachers should learn all the time from the world, but at the same time they should be learning for the world. The goal is to apply all this learning to change our world for the better and to address the great challenges of our time.

Above all, a world school should develop a positive instinct for difference, and a desire to learn from otherness. A world school’s goal should be to produce national and global citizens, comfortable in their local identity but also cosmopolitan and completely at ease with otherness. This is our ambition at Keystone Academy.