By joining Keystone Academy, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with all teaching staff to create a brand new educational model. If you're passionate about embracing challenges and seizing opportunities, we'd love to hear from you. Please email us your application, including 1) a cover letter, 2) resume, 3) teaching qualification certificate, 4) a brief statement showcasing your educational philosophy, and 5) three references. Connect with us at We can't wait to meet you!

Keystone Academy understands that the quality, commitment, sense of purpose and sheer enjoyment of its teachers is one of its most important assets. We want our teachers to thrive, and to ensure that all our students thrive in their care and tutelage. To the end of attracting and retaining excellence teachers, Keystone’s salary and benefits package is highly competitive. We offer substantial moving allowances, as well as comprehensive medical coverage to our teachers and their dependents. All teaching staff, whether expatriate or Chinese National, are on the same pay schedule. Expatriate teaching staff will receive an additional 12 percent of their base salary in lieu of a pension fund. Chinese National teaching staff will follow the government mandatory insurance program by Chinese Labour Law. Below are some samples of salary for faculty for the 2023-2024 school year so you may consider your savings and lifestyle potential at Keystone.

Minimum starting salary for a teacher with 3 years full time teaching experience and a Bachelor degree
Annual Base Salary: RMB376,000 (Step 3)
Total Annual Salary: RMB421,120 includes retirement gratuity in place of pension.

An accomplished mid-career teacher with 10 years full time teaching experience and a Master’s degree

Annual Base Salary: RMB452,000(Step 10)
Master's Stipend: RMB18,750
Total Annual Salary: RMB524,990 includes retirement gratuity in place of pension.

The top of our salary scale: a teacher with 20 or more years full time teaching experience, and a Doctoral degree
Annual Base Salary: RMB552,000 (Step 20)
Doctorate's Stipend: RMB31,250
Total Annual Salary: RMB649,490 includes retirement gratuity in place of pension.

If an administrative role is involved (Dorm Head, Grade Level Leader, Subject Head etc.), an additional stipend will be provided.

All salaries and stipends are before tax and paid in Chinese RMB locally.

Travel to and from one’s home is provided yearly for staff and their families. For middle and high school staff living on campus, we provide fully furnished apartments in our residential buildings, with full access for all immediate family members to the school’s dining halls, sports and recreational facilities, and libraries. For day faculty, who qualify, we provide housing subsidies commensurate with market rates here in Beijing, with additions for dependents.