Keystone Academy is a new model of education in China. It blends distinctive traditions in eastern, western, and global education, creating a new world school with a liberal arts program that is academically outstanding. All our endeavors are framed by five shared Confucian values: compassion, honesty, justice, respect, and wisdom.

At Keystone, we embrace a world that is dynamic and ever-changing. We learn from and we learn for this enterprising, global, and diverse community.

Our keystones are:

• bilingual immersion in Chinese and English;

• building character and community throughout our residential setting;

• promoting Chinese culture and identity in a world context.

Our ambition is to share successes generously and to learn from failures bravely, to open our doors to many, and to engage fully with the world of education, and the world at large, beyond our gates.

Our students are hungry for opportunity, bold in their thinking, and creative in their instincts. They are encouraged to become expansive in their dreaming, determined in their actions, collaborative in their teamwork, and humble in their achievement. They learn to be stewards of the environment and to be at ease with otherness.

Our teachers are passionate about learning, rigorous in their standards, and inspirational in their methods. They are respectful listeners, attentive caregivers, interrogative thinkers, compassionate mentors, and world-minded citizens.

Our graduates will possess the intellectual, cultural, and ecological fluency to navigate gracefully the colleges, careers, and communities of their choice. They will know how to apply their emotional intelligence, character, and zest for learning to help develop and improve the communities in which they live.