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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Keystone Academy is, deliberately and by design, a diverse community. We view our diversity as a strength, and we aim to be equitable and inclusive in what we do, feel, and say – hands, heart, and head.

Our five shared values, compassion, justice, respect, wisdom, and honesty (ren, yi, li, zhi, and xin) constitute the compass that gives direction to all that we do and the decisions that we make. These, taken together and allied to our Keystone Mission, lead us naturally to valuing and embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our schoolwide policies reflect this, and all our decisions are taken within this context.

At Keystone, we understand diversity to be the presence of difference, sometimes in many ways and on multiple levels. Difference is welcomed, embraced, and celebrated by us, and seen as a way of educating ourselves to a deep level about otherness. We expect all to be interested in and respectful of different perspectives. Equity is the practice and process of being fair, or just, in order to make sure that difference is accepted completely and with impartiality. In striving for an equitable community, we endeavor to collaborate effectively across cultural groupings. Inclusion is the outcome, for those who might feel different and especially minorities of all kinds, that allows all to be welcomed and all to feel completely at home in our learning community.

Alongside attributes such as experience, qualifications, and skills, considerations regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion are also at the forefront of hiring and student admission decisions at Keystone Academy. With regard to admission of students, financial aid can play a significant role here. We are selective, but all who can thrive here are welcome. We strive to allow all in our community their own, distinct voices, and to create the conditions for all to feel supported and valued. In the academic learning domain, the Center for Student Development provides extensive support for individual students who need this.

We encourage the open sharing of concerns and complaints when we fall short of our DEI ideals.

Where and when appropriate, we will provide anti-bias training.

Our DEI philosophy and practices are in harmony with the constitution and the laws of China.

DEI philosophy and practices at Keystone are reviewed regularly.

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