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Cultivating New Thinkers for the New Era
An Innovative K-12 Educational Model

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At Keystone Academy, learning is a life-long journey rooted in heritage, outward in perspective, and framed by our five shared values. Learning encompasses the discovery of new knowledge, skills and understanding, allowing for inquiry, creativity and connections in a local and global context. This journey empowers our learners to develop character and fosters a joy of learning in experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

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    Our Program

    Studying at Keystone is fulfilling yet challenging. We teach knowledge and prepare students for studying and living at college.

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    Primary School

    The Primary School program fulfills the important learning goals of Keystone Academy by providing the social, emotional and intellectual building blocks that students need to flourish.

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    Middle School

    The Middle Years Programme at Keystone Academy provides students with the intellectual, emotional, social, and physical building blocks they need to flourish. Keystone Academy offers a model of integrated education that develops foundations for success in the Diploma Programme and at college.

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    High School

    The Keystone educational model finds extended expression in high school, where we cultivate global perspectives, inquiry-based learning, and character and community building in both academic and residential settings.

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    College Counseling

    With a well-established college counseling system, Keystone makes every effort to guide and support students in their college selection and application. Keystone’s academic success is reflected in the number of outstanding graduates in recent years. At Keystone, we focus on creating an environment where students can thrive with like-minded friends and constantly explore their potential through collaboration and competition.

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    Keystone Activities Program

    Keystone offers students a large number of extracurricular clubs and groups. Students can also establish new clubs based on shared interests or with friends. While catering to students’ diverse interests and developing their skills, Keystone provides them with opportunities conducive to social skills and physical and mental development.


Educational Resources