Primary School Program Review

Secondary School Program Review

  • G4 Ashley’s parent

After two weeks of study, Ashley’s had a better understanding of the relationship between machinery and software, a better understanding of the goals that can be achieved through teamwork, and become more sure about her love for the Python language. During the summer program, she looked forward to classes every day and really enjoyed spending time with her classmates and teachers.

  • G3 Candy’s parent

Candy became more active in reading English books and prefered to use English more. The paragraphs she wrote became more logical, detailed and full of feelings. Every day, she looked forward to attending the summer camp at Keystone. When she came back from school, she always had endless topics to talk with us about what happened that day. It was a very enjoyable and rewarding experience! During the week of Science, she asked us a lot of questions about the constellations and the solar system, taught us how to play dodgeball, and so on. During the programs, children were given many opportunities to think, ask questions, and explore. Teachers communicated and interacted with students a lot, and taught them how to make a summary, how to make graphics and text on computer and how to present them individually or as a team, which made them feel so accomplished and aware of the importance of team work. Moreover, the sports were also great! Candy took the school bus, so she had to get up at around 5 o'clock every day, but she always woke up early and came early, never late for a day, because she always looked forward to seeing her classmates early.

  • G4 Damon’s parent

Damon became more confident in communicating in English. He was a little worried about the drama class at first, but after the first week, he was completely immersed in it and had the opportunity to step out of his comfort zone. This experience was so good that it helped him to establish a growth mindset. Science classes also inspired his interest in nonfiction books. He liked the program very much and would like to continue participating next summer.

  • G3 Mars’ parent

Mars really enjoyed the Math. The first part of everyday lessons was reflection and discussion on the topics, Mars was keen to participate in the class discussion and was surprised by the broad thinking ways of his classmates. He really likes Mr. Lv’s class, because Mr. Lv taught them in a clear, creative and efficient way. Mars likes the team building most. There were different games led by teachers every time, and those games were not only fun but needed them to work as a team and think in mathematical ways. We appreciate that Keystone organized Math Camp this summer, and hope it will continue in a more innovative way next year. If there will be something new, Mars will sign up again!

  • G2 Hoss’ parent

Hoss really likes Chinese Reading and Writing. This program was designed by three excellent teachers, and it was informative and novel. Hoss benefits a lot from the writing part.

  • G6 Yueran’s parent

Yueran was very interested in assignments, and she accomplished every assignment carefully. We think Keystone’s facilities and teachers are very good and Yueran would like to join Keystone after taking the summer program.

  • G6 Colm’s parent

The program really piqued his interest in a career in AI / computers, and he’s very motivated to find out more. He says it has been a very welcoming place. Engaging.

  • G6 Sam’s parent

Sam becomes more interested in English writing and more motivated to memorize words.

  • Anonymous

He’d been able to tell the basic elements of English writing. In the second week, he said that he could fully understand the lectures and especially liked to participate in various in-class activities. His listening, speaking, reading and writing have improved a lot and he became more confident in English. He was willing to go to school every day, and when he came back, he wanted to share what he had learned with us, and was happy to talk about teachers and new classmates.

  • G5 Tim’s parent

Tim becomes more willing to speak English and more interested in reading English books. He likes each week’s program, and says that no other programs could be comparable to this one. He really appreciates the learning atmosphere here. He really liked to go to school every day and kept recalling every little detail of the summer camp even it’s been over.