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    English Immersion Program

        The English Immersion Program is regarded as the most exemplary "Keystone" program and has consistently received recognition from parents. The primary reason for this is the unwavering commitment of Keystone teachers, who oversee every aspect of the project, including teacher selection, project design, and operational management.

         The English Immersion Program comprises three significant domains: humanities, sciences and performing arts. Each of these areas has been meticulously crafted by experienced teachers at Keystone. In order to promote the concept of "learning while playing" during the summer, teachers have put in a great deal of effort to come up with innovative ideas in their fields of expertise.

         In addition to classroom exploration with teachers and students, we will also venture beyond campus to uncover the wealth of knowledge and wisdom that surrounds us. This approach will be tailored to meet the needs of teaching and activities and will provide students with a rich and diverse learning experience. Additionally, every afternoon, students will have the opportunity to enjoy one and a half hours of unrestricted playtime on the playground, where they can explore a variety of sports activities and work up a sweat. It is hoped that children can try more, make new friends, learn new things, and try different types of sports activities in the three weeks. 

    When is the program?  July 8 to July 26, Monday to Friday, 8:30AM-3:20PM

    Whom does the program serve? Current G6-8

    Digital Art

         Immerse your child in a captivating one-week summer program that unlocks the world of digital art and design. Through engaging lessons in English, they will master the basics of terminology while actively participating in the design process. Our program ignites their creative minds, empowering them to cultivate ideas through the seamless integration of technology, critical thinking, and problem-solving. By fostering skills in ideation, communication, and time management, we equip students with valuable tools for success. Guided by the innovative software, Procreate, students will create digital illustrations, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the requirements to showcase their artwork on a range of products. Give your child the opportunity to flourish and unleash their artistic potential in this wonderful learning experience.

    When is the program?  July 8 to July 12, Monday to Friday, 8:30AM-3:20PM

    Whom does the program serve? Current G6-8

    Language 101 – textual & visual

         In our fast-paced world of internet and online connections, textual and visual literacy have become most important; being able to analyze written and visual text, see how the words, image & sound complement the text, understand how certain authorial choices impact on the audience have become very useful skills both for your IB studies but also for making you an informed, critical audience. 

         In this course, we will have the chance to discuss a variety of texts, from posters to video clips, from graphic novels to blogs, photos and advertisement, speeches and articles. We will focus on how creators convey their message, how they influence our thinking, how they persuade us to think and act in certain ways, how they inspire us! We will also create our own texts and see how they affect our peers! Persuasive language, connotations, composition, images and more will be your allies in decoding and also creating text.

         Learning, analyzing and then creating will offer you the chance to develop your textual and visual literacy and be better communicators!

    When is the program?  July 8 to July 19, Monday to Friday, 8:30AM-3:20PM

    Whom does the program serve? Current G8-11

  • Chinese Programs

    Sipping and Singing Softly" — A Study of Classic Literature

         Designed specifically for middle school students, this course offers an in-depth exploration of 7 literary masterpieces: "Border Town" by Shen Congwen, "Stories of the Sahara" and "The Long Road of Sand" by Sanmao, "The Right Bank of the Argun" by Chi Zijian, "Along the Seine River to Florence " by Huang Yongyu, and "The Corner of Altay" and "Winter Pasture" by Li Juan, along with a curated selection of related visual texts. Beyond the traditional curriculum, this program sharpens students' abilities in analytical reading and literary appreciation. It fine-tunes their awareness of diverse textual structures, guiding them through intricate relationships with a critical eye. This approach not only connects students to the presence of recurring themes but also ignites their passion for extensive reading and deep reflection on literature.

    When is the program?  July 8 to July 26, Monday to Friday, 8:30AM-3:20PM

    Whom does the program serve? Current G6-8

    Magic Beijing City

         We live in the city of Beijing. In this seemingly familiar city, there are many wonders. For example, why say "Beijing is a floating city"? Where is the Grand Canal in Beijing? What ceremonial order does the design of the central axis of the city reflect? What about the feng shui of the main buildings in the city? How does the design of Beijing City shape people's daily life and character?

         Welcome to the "Magic Beijing City" project! This exciting initiative will focus on the Grand Canal, the central axis, and the historic sites along it, in order to explore the enchanting essence of Beijing City. Through inquiry-based learning, we will compare and analyze the history, geography, and culture of Beijing with those of other famous cities around the world. This will help us to connect China with the world and cultivate a love for Chinese culture from a global perspective. Moreover, we will engage in a variety of activities, such as drawing a map of Beijing City, writing articles for the official account, designing a travel manual for the city, and using scientific and technological means to create an ideal city. These activities will help us to develop communication and cooperation skills, improve our critical thinking abilities, and showcase our aesthetic views and ideas about urban planning. Join us on this exciting journey to discover the unknown Beijing and uncover the magic of this incredible city! Students will have the opportunity to visit the clock and drum tower located on the central axis of Beijing, where they will be able to witness the enchanting and captivating essence of this magnificent city.

    When is the program? 

    July 15 to July 19    Monday to Friday, 8:30AM-3:20PM

    Whom does the program serve? 

    Current G7-9

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