Day Student

Day students enjoy a vibrant and full experience at Keystone Academy. The school day is challenging, engaging and busy. In the course of the school day a nutritious lunch is provided in one of two dining halls (primary and middle), and after classes students in all grades may opt to enroll in a wide array of after-school activities. As is typical at many boarding schools, day students find that involvement with school life extends beyond the academic portion of the day.

Day students and their families are a vital part of the Keystone Academy community. A majority of our day students are enrolled in foundation year through grade 6 and are transported by bus from centralized pick-up and drop-off points around Beijing. Students in grades 7 and 8 may choose to live at home or to join our residential boarding program. Students in grades 9-12 become part of the 7-day boarding community at Keystone and may sign out for weekends to go home.

Performances, artistic, athletic and social facilities on our campus, in Shunyi, provide the backdrop for important school events that will be of interest to day students. There may be times during the year when day students are required to attend enrichment activities on weekends. Communication regarding these events will be timely in order to give parents a chance to accommodate changes in their child’s schedule.

Day student parents are encouraged to participate in the life of the school. Involvement at Keystone might include attendance at monthly Parent-Teacher Association meetings, and school social events in which their child is involved. Our partnership with parents relies on two-way communication between home, advisors, homeroom teachers and administrators.