Dear students and parents,

When we talk about student life at Keystone Academy we talk about the heart and soul of our school community. We recognize that not all learning takes place in classroom settings. We commit to and value student learning that takes place in our dorms, in service learning opportunities, while involved in social activities and in the course of day-to-day life; each area providing students an opportunity to enhance one’s sense of self and leadership capabilities, explore areas of interest or talent, and measure one’s capacity for laughter and connection with others.

The Boarding and Residential Life program is not an afterthought; it is an intentional, dynamic, and thriving “way of life” required of our students in grades 9-12. The program consists of, and is supported by, our advising system, dorm-parent teams, the House System, weekend activities, study hours and the proctor program. Our two dormitories house students and teachers and hallway families create our “home away from home” model.

Our school culture relies on student, parent and teacher involvement, inclusion and interest. We value trying new activities and exploring one’s capacity for healthy risk. We challenge students, parents and teachers to “get outside their comfort zone.” We engage in thoughtful conversations and are respectful in our relationships. We explore our world and we believe in the importance of fun on our campus.

We are a school full of possibility and promise and we are seeking students who share these qualities. Joining a new school is an incredible opportunity, a chance to partner with exhilarating teachers, enthusiastic and daring classmates and to be part of the creation of a school history where you are a pioneer. We promise to help you be your best self and to challenge you each and every day during your time at Keystone.