How To Apply

Keystone is a school community dedicated to nurturing academic excellence, creativity, discovery, and compassion within its student body. We are looking for students who are ready to handle a rigorous academic program that embodies high expectations. We also seek to bring together a group of bright, broadly talented students, and we will help them to develop and grow in intellectual, physical, social, and cultural realms.

A qualified student is one who is likely to find success in the Academy's bilingual, residential, university preparatory program. This determination shall be made by Keystone through a variety of means. We are looking for students who bring a unique set of qualities to their class at the Academy, and who distinguish themselves in their potential, their academic performance and the various components of our admission application.

Evaluating each application is a privilege that we take seriously. We look forward to getting to know applicants and their families better over the next several months.

To assist you in this process, please read the instructions carefully.

Please note: All the students in compulsory education must meet the Shunyi Xueji regulations to be enrolled in Keystone.