Summer Experience Program

Summer Experience Program is created and taught by Keystone teachers and designed for Keystone students offered by Keystone Summer Archway.  This program is for students that want to get a good start to the new school year, review some important learning skills, and prepare to begin the year at their best capacity. 

 1. When is the program?

The program runs from July 26 to Aug 6, 2021.

2. Who does the program serve?

Keystone students currently in grade 6-9.

3. How much does the program cost?

The price of the program is 12,500RMB.

Boarding Program

Our boarding program will be available to students attending Summer Experience Program.  If the student is living in the dorms for two weeks, the additional charge will be 6,000 RMB. Boarding will include breakfast and dinner daily, as well as nightly planned activities for the students to participate in.

1. How to register for the program?

There will be a limited number of spaces available. We can only accept the first 75 students currently in Grades 6 through 9, Please use the following link: to register your child. You will need to pay a 10% deposit (1,250RMB) when you register, and the deadline for this registration will be Friday, June 11th. The balance for any fees (including bus and boarding, if you are using them) will be due by the end of June. (Keystone students ONLY)

2. What are the content courses?

  • English with Mrs. Myrisi
  • Science with Ms. Vergara
  • Math with Ms. Qiu
  • I&S with Ms. Hopkins
  • Chinese Art with Ms. Yu Aixia
  • PE with Mr. Cheng
  • Mindfulness with Ms. Herring
  • Animation Art with Ms. Choung
  • Film Study with Mr. Christensen
  • Poetry with Ms. Li Liangfang

3. Daily Schesule


Day 1

Day 2

8:00 – 9:00                 

Chinese Art    


9:05 – 10:05               



10:10 – 11:10             



11:10 – 12:55             



12:55 – 1:55               



2:00 – 3:00                 

Film Study

Animation Art

3:05 – 3:30                 






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