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  • Jerry Zheng Grade 7, Middle School affiliated to Northwestern Polytechnical University

I like humanities best because all of us can talk and share our ideas. And my teacher Mr. Bozzi is a charming man who taught us about society. I have never learned that before. My English improved a lot too. I not only improved my oral English and comprehension, but also improved my way of thinking and reflecting. This is another level of English skills.

  • Jack Jiang Grade 6, Yu Xin Middle School

I really enjoyed the humanities course on American history and culture. I learned so much about US geography, food, and its people. I also have never played squash or field hockey before, and I was able to experience both at Keystone’s summer program. Also, after this summer program, I began to like studying and my English improved a lot, such as my vocabulary. Instead of memorizing a lot of long words in our science class, we did lots of experiments and took notes. It was much easier this way to learn new words. I also became more confident. In our theater class, I practiced naturally speaking and writing in English. Even at lunch, teachers sat with students, and one teacher helped me correct my pronunciation. I learned so much.

  • Ivy Wang, Grade 10, Tianshui No.2 High School

Three weeks, 21 days … I can’t find the correct words to describe this period of time except “rich,” “full,” and “exciting.” During these three weeks, we made many friends and gained a lot of insights. This has undoubtedly been a valuable time for us. After these special 21 days, I think I have a clearer goal as well as the motivation to fight for my life. During this time, we learned volleyball, ultimate frisbee and dodgeball, although we were not very proficient in these sports. We discussed all kinds of questions deeply in TOK class, and we also participated in TED talks, where our work was not very accomplished, but we definitely tried hard enough. In closing, I’d like to thank everyone involved for providing this special experience for us.

  • Adela Han Grade 8, Beijing Royal School

Through the 3-week program, one big challenge for me was to play soccer in the sun for afternoon sports. It was physically consuming, but I kept pushing myself, and I succeeded. I was proud of that. I found Keystone Summer Archway very interesting. I learned so much without even knowing that I was learning. I believe future students will also enjoy it.


  • Eva Yuan’s Parents Beijing Haidian District Experimental Primary School (Grade 6)

One day when Eva came home, she told me “I want to speak English at home too.” Everyday after she gets back home, she writes a long journal entry, a reflection on her day, and she enjoys it very much. My daughter also enjoyed squash and field hockey , as they were new to her. The theater course was what hooked her most. She was involved in play writing, mask making and group rehearsal. She felt she accomplished a lot. I know that even shared her experience with her friends, and she told them about her dream to become a superstar on stage on day.

  • Matt Ma’s Parents Beijing No. 2 Middle School (Grade 8)

As a student who’s completed his education in a local public primary and middle school, and who’s about to study in America from grade 9, Matt gained a lot from Keystone’s Summer program. Matt is now completely convinced of the power of discussion-based learning, and the joy of learning. What’s even more important is that Matt feels much more prepared for his future in the United States.

  • Vivian Liu’s Parents Fang Cao Di Primary School (Grade 5)

Out of all the feedback I’ve heard from Vivian, one comment stood out. Vivian wished that the summer program was a 7-day program. In other words, Vivian wanted to spend time at Keystone even on the weekend. It was the first time we heard such comment from her, and I know it was because she truly liked it.

  • Kitty He’s Parent Keystone Academy (Grade 8)

I believe the biggest surprise for us was how happy Kitty was at the Summer program. It was a big change for her. Prior to the summer program, Kitty was quite resistant to signing up. However, once the program began, she couldn’t stop sharing all the fun she had had with us, when she returned home everyday. As her parent, I could sense that she really had a good time. She repeatedly commented on how close she had become with Ms. Grace. “We were like buddies,” she would say. It was a huge surprise to us because she had never said anything like that about any adult.