National and Global Service Trips

Keystone students are globally minded and socially aware. In addition to a robust local community service program, we also provide our students with opportunities to grow into global leaders and world-minded citizens. Our students learn that education does not stop at the school gates; it continues in the world at large. We further our global education ideals through our shared values by insisting upon compassion, justice, respect, wisdom and honesty in our national and global service work and global leadership programs.

In April 2015, 22 Keystone students and two teachers journeyed to Kathmandu, Nepal in order to volunteer in two local communities. Two weeks after our return to Beijing, a devastating earthquake damaged the areas in which our students had worked and visited. The students who had participated in the trip demanded that we return to Nepal in the spring of 2016 to provide true earthquake relief efforts. In April 2016, Keystone students and teachers once again journeyed to Kathmandu, Nepal.

Keystone students may also elect to join one of a number of other global service trips each year. They may choose to volunteer at an elephant rescue sanctuary in Thailand, build a house in China with Habitat for Humanity, perform wild life conservation work in Botswana, or volunteer in villages in Laos and Bali.

2018-2019 Global Trips

Fall Break

Round Square Global Conference-Canada-

London ISTA

Cambodia Service

March 2019

Round Square Global Conference-ages 14-15-Northern Ireland

Romania-Global Action

April Break

Nepal Service

Morocco Cultural Immersion

Hong Kong Outward Bound

Habitat for Humanity

Austria Music

April 26-May 1

Round Square Jakarta, ages 10-12

Summer 2019

Tanzania Climbing Trip

England-Arts and Architecture

Copenhagen Exploration

Australia Exploration


2019-2020 Global Trips

October Break 2019

Taiwan Cultural Immersion

China Culture and Service

Bali Culture and Service

Round Square Global Conference-India

London TaPS-DP Theater England


November 22-24 – Beijing MS Theater Festival – Grade 6-8 theatre students

December 2019 (Christmas Holidays)

Finland High Adventure-

New Zealand High Adventure

March 2020

Round Square Conference in Seoul, Korea-ages 13-15 (TBD)

March 26-28 – Bangkok HS Festival – Grade 9-11 theatre students

April 2020

Music and Performance-Europe-Austria

Nepal Service

Peru Service

Habitat for Humanity

Primary School- Cambodia Service

Primary School- New York Theater Experience-

Japan Culture and Service

Round Square Conference Prehn School-Chiang Mai, Thailand (ages 10-12)

Summer 2020

England Arts and Architecture

Borneo Adventure

Chiang Mai Elephant Nature Park Service

Zhanjiang, China Dolphins-Service

Mt. Kilimanjaro-Tanzania-High Adventure

Russia Science and Research