When is the application deadline?

Keystone Summer Archway has a rolling admission policy, and applications are reviewed and decisions are made on a first-come-first-served basis. Please refer to the web page of each program to see the application deadlines. We will keep accepting students until the sections are full. We receive a large volume of applications, and have to turn away a number of applicants every year. Hence, we encourage you to plan your summer in advance, and submit your application as early as possible.

Does Keystone Summer Archway include a residential component?

The China Discovery Program is a boarding program. The English Immersion Program includes a boarding program and a day program. The English Immersion boarding program is only offered to students whose date of birth is earlier than August 31st, 2008. These students will be able to choose what kind of program would like to be participate in.

In English Immersion Program, can my child transfer between the Day Program and the Boarding Program?

A student whose date of birth is earlier than August 31st, 2008 will be able to transfer between Day Program and Boarding Program once before June 1st , 2020. The extra money you’ve paid is refundable only if a written transfer request is submitted to Summer Programs Office before this date, and the money you need to pay must be paid in 5 working days.

Does my child have to interview again if he/she has interviewed by Keystone Admission Office?

Your child need not interview again if he/she has already been interviewed by the Keystone Admission Team. You’ll be able to select “Have done or will do interview with Keystone Admissions Office” in the Summer Programs application step 2, to indicate your choice.

Can I pay for part of the program if we can’t attend the whole course? 

No, because of limited space, full payment is required to confirm your place, or we’ll reassign your seat to other applicants. Also, we encourage students to attend the entire program.

Can I get a refund if I decide to withdraw from the program before its completion?

Please refer to refund policy on Fees & Payment page of each program.

What is the teacher to student ratio? How many students are in each class? What is the number of students in the program?

Keystone Academy Summer School has, on average, seven students for each teacher, no more than twenty students for each class, learning with a teacher and a teaching fellow. English Immersion program is expected to enroll approximately 120 students.

Should I expect homework?

The day at Keystone Summer is intense and students will be fully challenged in and out of the classroom. Hence, there will be no mandatory homework.

Will you group students by age or by language level?

For grouping, we consider both and more. In fact, decisions are made by a matrix of factors, such as age, language level, and gender balance and personality diversity.

Will there be an emphasis on vocabulary or grammar in the course content?

Keystone Summer Archway does not have specific time blocks for grammar or vocabulary. Instead, we believe in contextual learning. In other words, this program provides an all English-speaking environment for students to immerse themselves in through inquiry-based education for three weeks.

Will boarding students go home on weekends?

The boarding students living on campus at Keystone will be able to participate in some weekend activities. If students need to go home on weekends for other commitments, the parents must submit a written request to Summer Programs Office 2 days before the weekend, so that the student will be dismissed to go home on Friday afternoon.

How to apply for the bus service?

The China Discovery Program is a boarding program, doesn’t provide the bus service. The English Immersion Program provides an optional bus service, and it will only be provided to day students. We’ll collect your preferred bus station when you submit the program application, but the routes will be arranged depending on the overall needs of the program, and therefore may not satisfy every individual’s need. The bus fee will be collected after the routes have been confirmed. You will be notified via Email in June.

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