Keystone Makes Strides at Model UN

By Arthur Klatt, Secondary School Humanities Teacher

Over nine hundred student delegates from around the world attended the Model United Nations conference at ISB Beijing from 3 to 5 March. Model UN allows students to develop international mindedness by encouraging students to represent positions of different UN member states. Keystone’s 19 delegates were represented in five different General Assembly committees – a special conference on growth and development, the UN Security Council, Human Rights, Disarmament and the Economic and Social Council. Students represented India, Latvia and Japan. Delegates prepared UN-style resolutions in cooperation with other countries, debated how to amend their ideas to gain agreement, and then voted on whether to pass these resolutions. Resolutions that are passed provide recommendations for governments for further action.

Not only do students work hard researching ideas and practicing debating skills, but they also learn an important lesson about how conflict or disagreement between nations can be resolved through hard work, negotiation, and balancing interests of one for the betterment of the whole.

Whether global warming, access to education, alleviating poverty, or preventing the spread of terrorism, delegates showed that cooperation and collaboration is a formula for success. In addition to this, they get to make new friends and hang out with like-minded people that have hope for a better future for all.

It is truly an honor to watch young people from all corners of the world excited about issues, learning strategies and developing attitudes that will foster sustainability, improve well being for others, and challenge tendencies that highlight differences and encourage conflict. Such hope and passion can only have positive outcomes.

Posted by steven on Monday March, 13, 2017


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