Grade 3 Gets Electrifying

If there is any subject that can get students energized, it is probably anything to do with electricity. Students from grade 3 concluded an IPC unit called Bright Sparks focused on this topic. Reada Wilkinson, primary school English teacher, tell you all about it.


Grade 3 Gets Electrifying

By Reada Wilkinson

Over the last few weeks, the grade 3 classrooms were powered with the excitement of learning and electricity. Yes! Our third graders just finished their second IPC unit, Bright Sparks! Through subjects such as science, history, technology, and international learning targets, this unit focused on electricity.

Their learning process involved doing experiments that had the students really excited. They were able to create their own circuits using a battery, wires, lights, and switches. Students made hypotheses and investigated to see if their hypotheses were correct. Now, they also know which materials make for good insulators and conductors. With such adventurous fun comes the question of safety, which we also discussed and learned. Walking around the classroom during lessons, I could hear students say, “That’s so cool!”, “Look at this!” and “Wow!” It also made them inquisitive and led them to ask, “What would happen if we….” and “I wonder…” It was electrifying to see and hear the students enjoy their lessons.

The topic also led us to learn about famous scientists who have made an impact in the field of electricity. We did this through our work for English Library. The students researched about a few scientists, while also learning about writing biographies. After reading about the lives of Nicola Tesla, and Thomas Edison, the students then went on to write a biography about a person they know. Students chose family members, teachers, and classmates.

The research continued in their Chinese lessons; students inquired into different ways that energy is produced. They worked in teams to create posters that showcased different forms of alternative energy. They also compared the effectiveness of wind, solar, and water energy, and displayed their learning in color bar graphs. We decided to get more colorful with this IPC unit in Art class. Students created cityscapes that incorporated lights. Their work was extremely artistic, innovative, and many of their scenes and buildings were very intricately designed.

On 11 December, we invited parents to join us in our Grade 3 Electricity Museum. Students and teachers worked together to create exhibits to showcase their learning. Students were eager to demonstrate experiments and share what they had learned with their parents. What a bright spark to end the term on!


Posted by steven on Wednesday December, 16, 2015 at 01:00PM


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