Unpacking the IPC: Learning is a Celebration!

By Becky Chi and Virva Palosaari

Over the past few weeks, primary school teachers have been explaining the consecutive constituent parts of the IPC Learning Cycle. This is the last in the IPC series – Exit Point. We look at what the exit point means in the learning process, and how it is realized, in this case at the end of the grade 2 IPC unit – Living Together.

The exit point has two main objectives. Firstly, to help children pull together their learning and reflections on one unit spread over several weeks, and secondly to celebrate this learning that has taken place, and learning goals that have been achieved. As a special celebration of completing the unit ‘Living Together,’ we planned a special exit point activity for our students.

We wanted the students to share their learning with one of their communities. We chose the school community, and invited staff members from different departments of the school to partake in the celebration by being the audience. The students put in a lot of effort in preparing for their presentation. They practiced their reading fluency, which helps them pay attention to details, and to speak confidently in English before an audience. Presenting before an audience, and expressing themselves confidently, enables children to understand what they have learned in greater depth, and to remember their lessons with greater accuracy and longevity.

At the end, we organized a celebration, especially because our students had learned that all communities have celebrations. It was only fitting to end this unit with a celebration of our own. In true festive style, the students performed the song, ‘You and Me,’ they learned in Music class as part of this unit. We felt this was a great song for the students to perform together. And as the end of the unit coincided with Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights, students performed the song holding candles they made. We also had a little treat – what’s a celebration without food! It was a wonderful celebration of our learning journey.

All of the work grade 2 students were involved in throughout this unit of work was specially designed and planned to help each child reach their learning goals. Children were involved in reading, researching, writing, illustrating, and working on their own and in groups. We guided and assessed them through the many learning activities, and by asking children to explain their work. This helps us determine their levels of understanding, and in turn refine future learning goals.

Learning through the IPC is a fun journey. It is especially fulfilling for teachers to see students working and learning with such great enthusiasm.

Posted by steven on Sunday November, 22, 2015 at 01:00PM


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