Dean of Faculty David Beare Appointed Associate Head of School
Posted 08/18/2017 01:21PM

Stunned by its sound and presence, and with his mother’s encouraging support, David Beare started playing the cello at the age of eight. He credits the study of music for his ensuing deep appreciation for the performing arts, with the cello playing a prominent role throughout his high school and college education, and beyond.

Earlier this month, David Beare was appointed Associate Head of School at Keystone Academy. Working alongside Head of School Malcolm McKenzie, Mr. Beare will combine this new role with his existing responsibilities as Dean of Faculty. “To be Dean of Faculty of the school is an honor. And to now have this additional role as Associate Head of School is a tremendous honor. I am delighted and I hope I can serve Keystone well in this way,” Beare commented.

Owing to his recent appointment, Dean Beare’s portfolio of responsibilities now comprises an expanded set of Keystone representational functions and strategic consultations. Inspired by Mr. McKenzie’s exemplary caring for all members of the community and treating everyone with a mixture of professionalism and compassion towards strong community building, Mr. Beare too will continue to prioritize community building at Keystone, inclusive, supportive, and respectful of the talents and perspectives that all our members bring to the school. “The community we have developed so far is extraordinary. I feel that our successes are many. And there are things that we can and need to improve. Because we can always be better,” he said.

As Dean of Faculty, Mr. Beare will continue to focus his attention on faculty recruitment and professional growth, teaching Chinese Civilization to MYP students, and advising DP students on their extended essays. Dean Beare also wishes to continue to be present in the classrooms as much as possible. “That includes my own teaching but also observing teachers and working with teachers in both divisions,” he added. “I wish to know the students and teachers as much as I possibly can. Living and working as a community with this group of students and adults is a privilege, and a joy.”

Additionally, Dean Beare foresees working on further developing the Center for Language Learning and Enrichment; deepening Keystone’s commitment to environmental sustainability both in the curriculum and our management practices on campus; rolling out the professional learning communities through which faculty guide their own professional learning; continuing to weave the Chinese Thread in all we do at Keystone; emphasizing the integration of educational technology practices to transform student learning; and continuing conversations around character development rooted in the five Confucian values that guide life at Keystone: Compassion, Justice, Respect, Wisdom and Honesty .

Regardless of which leadership hat he wears, Mr. Beare aspires to “be a calm and visible presence. I want people to feel when they are speaking to me that I am actually there with them, listening. People need to be heard and understood and valued for their position, even if I disagree. I really don’t want anyone’s voice to be lost because it is different. In fact, it is the different voices that we need to attend to very carefully.”

David Beare has worked in education for nearly 30 years. He graduated from Harvard University with advanced degrees in the study of Religion and in Education, and earned his undergraduate degree with Honors from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Mr. Beare has spent his entire career at schools such as Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire and Lakeside School in Seattle, Washington, where he was head of the History Department and a senior mentor to teachers. Most recently, he has been Head of the Humanities and Social Sciences department and Director of the Humanities program for all freshmen and sophomore students at The Hotchkiss School. Mr. Beare joined Keystone as Dean of faculty in 2012.

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