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On 24 January Keystone's Education Salon welcomed prominent guest director Meng Jinghui to engage in riveting dialogue about his work and thoughts on Western theatre and Chinese opera.
Completely surrounded by the Southern Ocean, Antarctica is the southernmost continent on the earth and covers nearly 14 million kilometers of land.
Keystone students and parents celebrate early acceptances to highly regarded colleges and universities around the world.
On 24 January, Keystone's Education Salon will welcome prominent guest director Meng Jinghui.
The inaugural issue of LearningThe Keystone Way released last academic year introduced our community towonderful and unforgettable teaching and learning moments, and celebrated theachievements- big and small- of our young school.
The theme for this year's Primary School Winter Celebration was International Mindedness. Being internationally minded is a value that Keystone aims to foster in our children through our curriculum.
On 1 December, Poet Xi Chuan met with Keystone Grade 11 student An Zhaoning for a conversation about poetry as a vehicle of self-expression across generations.
Pippin, Keystone's HS musical performance, is set inside a video game named Pippin and conveys the story of a young person's epic journey to find what sets him apart from the crowd. "The Theatre@Keystone student board actually chose this musical.
On 27, 28 and 29 October, 521 swimmers representing 16 international schools across Beijing and Shanghai participated in the annual marathon swim meet at ISB.
Creativity Activity Service (CAS) is an integral part of the IB Diploma Programme and our school culture. As part of Keystone's holistic education, our students participate in CAS throughout their school careers.

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