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Dear Parents,

There are very few evenings during the term when there is not something happening at Keystone. That is so, in my experience, with engaged and engaging schools everywhere, especially perhaps those that have a residential component. So, it was not a surprise to come back last Saturday and go straight into the PTA Annual Gala. What a lovely way to return to Keystone, and to our community, after my unusually long absence. I felt very happy to be back.

Those parents and teachers who were here in our first year will remember the enthusiasm with which we all agreed to establish a Parent Teacher Association, as well as the slightly chaotic opening meeting where we ratified our constitution and elected our first committee. Keystone was a much smaller school then, and the PTA was a novelty, along with so many other things new in our fledgling school. In the first years, we experienced an inevitable process of growing to understand the functions of the PTA, and the ways in which it …

Posted by steven on Friday April 20
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Malcolm McKenzie

Malcolm McKenzie is the Founding Head of School of Keystone Academy. He grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, and studied at the Universities of Cape Town, Oxford, and Lancaster.

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