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WEEKLY MESSAGE FROM HEAD OF SCHOOL 2019/​01/​28 - 2019/​02/03

There are many lovely aspects to life in China, large and small. One small blessing is that we have two New Year ceremonies close together, and we get to say Happy New Year twice. We are now moving into our second celebration, Chinese New Year and the Spring Festival. Many of us will be going home to visit family: parents in our home towns or cities, family and children abroad, and others. I am going to see my wife, Judith, in Connecticut, on the East Coast of the United States. A mass travel migration, reputed to be the most intense human one on planet Earth, will begin very soon. I hope that we all travel smoothly, and safely.

At this time, as we celebrate, let us remember those many who cannot afford to travel at all, and those migrants in conflict zones around the world who are forced to travel, often by walking hundreds of kilometers. My daughter-in-law, who is from Ecuador, works in the area of public health. She is currently doing volunteer work for the United Nations, assisting …

Posted by Steven Liang on Friday February 1 at 10:33AM
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Malcolm McKenzie

Malcolm McKenzie is the Founding Head of School of Keystone Academy. He grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, and studied at the Universities of Cape Town, Oxford, and Lancaster.

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