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Post # 3 Keystone School Dress–simple, elegant and “kid cool”!

When we set out to come up with a school dress code for Keystone Academy, we took our standard approach to the process: we came up with a deliberate set of goals for what we wanted, and we set a high standard for ourselves in regards to quality. Whether curriculum or clothing, the attention to detail and to high quality have become a hallmark of all we do at Keystone.

Goals for Keystone Clothing

 “I want our school dress to be simple and elegant,” said Malcolm McKenzie, our Head of School, setting the tone. We also wanted to make sure that we had a dress code that was “kid cool” so that students would enjoy the clothing and feel proud to represent their school. With this as our foundation, we came up with the following set of aspirations:

Keystone Academy’s dress code should:

·      Be practical;

·      Be durable and washable;

·      Be comfortable with good freedom of movement for work and play;

·      Be age appropriate (Foundation Year to Grade 12);

·      Allow for student choice through a variety of options to mix and match;

·      Provide gender neutral and gender specific options;

·      Be in school colors and identifiable as dress for Keystone Academy;

·      Incorporate Chinese and western design elements; and

·      Allow for changes in climate (fall, winter, and spring)

Partnership with 派PYE

Once we had a sense of our goals, we entered into an exciting partnership with 派PYE, a clothing company well known for their high quality men’s shirts, the influence of east and west in their design aesthetic, and their commitment to fair treatment of employees and sustainable practices in producing their clothing. After several months discussing and debating design options, colors, and fabrics, we are very pleased with the results, and we think our families will be too. 

While we still have a few details to work out, I thought families might be interested to get an early look at some of the clothing samples that have come out of this exciting process. There are many more options (like shorts) and colors (like Keystone blue and red) than those shown here, but I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


















Posted by S. Liang on Thursday April, 3, 2014 at 12:00PM


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