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Post #1: Who are Keystone's investors?

During our weekly Parent Information Sessions, we have had several questions come up over and over again. I thought it might be useful to address some of the most frequent questions in a weekly blog, as I am sure many families are wondering about the same issues. The question for this week is… Who are Keystone’s investors and are they planning to open more than one campus?

The funding for Keystone Academy comes from a generous group of founding benefactors who have provided the initial financing to create a world-class Academy. What this means it that our benefactors are providing the initial capital to get the project going in the form of a long-term loan to the Academy. Keystone has many years to pay this loan back at a very reasonable, below market rate of interest. Our benefactors are not expecting to make significant profit from the school, nor are they expecting, at this stage, to replicate or franchise the school in any way.

Our founders believe in the exciting possibilities inherent in combining Chinese, American and international traditions of education, in a bilingual and boarding context, and they see this Academy as the “keystone” that will bring together the powerful aspects of these different educational approaches in dynamic fashion.

The generosity of our founding benefactors allows Keystone to be a non-profit, self-governing school. And, the long-term nature of this loan gives us the time and space necessary to grow carefully and deliberately so that we can create a strong and enduring foundation for our school. Keystone will take its time to select talented, motivated students and the best teachers, rather than worrying about growth that compromises quality, or satisfying an investor’s need for profit.

This structure is one of the many ways that Keystone is a new model of education in China, and a quality that differentiates us from some of the other private school options in the city.

Posted by S. Liang on Wednesday February, 12, 2014 at 01:00PM


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