New Keystone Magazine Issue Is About Why You'll Never Walk Alone
Posted 09/11/2020 09:44AM





The year 2020 has made us farther from one another physically, but it has also made many of us much closer in spirit.

The eighth edition of The Keystone Magazine, titled “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, is a fitting tribute to every member of our dear school who supported communities, rallied charitable actions, and became a guiding light to others despite the many uncertainties and surprises in the second half of the past academic year. 

“How often do we set out to do something that seems sensible, and then change our plan because our alertness and flexibility shows us something more useful, more beautiful, more freeing?” asks Head of School Malcolm McKenzie in his foreword. “Not enough, in my experience. This coronavirus pandemic offers us that possibility, that choice. This magazine demonstrates some of the ways in which we have exercised those choices.”

As its theme suggests, this issue shows how the Keystone community trod paths together in these trying times. We hope our readers today, and in the future, will find inspiration and wisdom from the numerous acts of service, courage, and generosity that we all expressed selflessly in this pivotal event in our generation.



Also, ready yourselves as we will take you on a voyage together with remarkable visitors to our school. One of them speaks about the power of our “indomitable human spirit,” while the other tells us how dreams can propel us to reach for the stars. And elsewhere in the magazine, we feature for the first time our graduates and their amazing exploits over the past few months.

So, remember: at Keystone, you will never walk alone. We are always together.

Enjoy reading!



The Keystone Magazine is also a space to reflect as our journey continues, progresses, and evolves. Through the magazine, we invite everyone to witness the growth of a new world school and the making of generations of new world thinkers. For copies, please contact

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