Keystone Academy Appoints a New Board of Trustee Member
Posted 06/12/2019 03:54PM


The 2018-2019 academic year at Keystone Academy was a momentous year for this special community. The Academy celebrated its 5th year anniversary, graduated its second cohort of senior students, increased enrolment across all academic divisions, and recruited new and highly qualified domestic and international faculty and staff. Adding to the fabric of noteworthy and significant events throughout the year, Keystone is pleased to announce its newest Board of Trustees Member, Carol Li Rafferty.


Ms. Rafferty, a long-term friend of Keystone, has supported the Academy’s growth and development since 2014 as a member of the Board of Advisors. “The founding of Keystone and its growth remind me of the development of Silicon Valley, where I spent my high school and graduate school years,” remarked Ms. Rafferty. “Great ideas are a dime a dozen, but it takes vision, teamwork, and perseverance to launch an idea onto a path toward success and impact. I feel privileged to have been involved with Keystone from the startup phase, before the first students arrived, until today. The school has grown into a pulsating ecosystem of learners, parents, educators, and staff who are committed to establishing Keystone as ‘a new world school’”.


Currently based in Beijing, Ms. Rafferty’s diverse background, a true reflection of Keystone’s bold mission of blending the best from the East and the West, and unique life experiences, will serve as an invaluable asset to the Keystone community. Ms. Rafferty was born in Hong Kong and moved to the United States to attend boarding school. She attended Yale University, graduating cum laude with degrees in Economics and International Studies, and went on to receive a Juris Doctorate from Stanford University, where she was the editor of the Stanford Law Review.


After working in the United States for several years, Ms. Rafferty returned to China and forged a successful career as the Senior Vice President at the China Investment Corporation (CIC), was appointed as a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, and is the Co-founder of the Lean In China organization, which has grown to include over 100,000 women in China since 2013. She currently serves as the Managing Director of the Yale Center Beijing, maintaining relationships with key business, government, and thought leaders, and developing programs to facilitate dialogue between China and the world. “I have gained experience and insights on how to build and scale educational and nonprofit organizations that make a significant impact. As a member of the Keystone Board of Trustees, l will leverage these experiences to help contribute to Keystone’s continued success.”


Ms. Rafferty’s personal philosophy towards education aligns perfectly with Keystone’s, creating a beautifully symbiotic relationship that will blossom for years to come and prepare Keystone students for a rapidly developing and truly globalized world. “A liberal arts education that blends both the eastern and western perspectives into a truly international education is the ideal model to educate tomorrow’s leaders. Growing up in Hong Kong in my early years, I benefited from a rigorous bilingual education system that has enabled me to converse as comfortably about Confucius as with Aristotle and pursue a career that traverses the globe,” said Ms. Rafferty. “Looking to the future, with the rise of China as a global power, rapid technological advances, and daunting ecological challenges, it has become more important than ever for students to be well-versed in Chinese and English, to develop robust communications skills, critical thinking, computational and analytical skills, and to acquire knowledge from multiple disciplines. As the world undergoes paradigm shifts that prompt humans to rethink who we are, how we live, and what we do, I hope that Keystone will serve as a model for other schools to prepare future leaders for an ever-changing world.”


As Keystone continues to mature in age and leave its footprint in the educational landscape in China and the world at large, the Academy is delighted to appoint such a formidable figure to assist in building our community’s vibrant academic and intellectual culture. “I would like to see Keystone graduates serve and lead communities and the world at large, in all sectors. I hope that students will go on to help solve the world’s most pressing problems and make a significant positive impact on the world,” said Ms. Rafferty.


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