When Wushu Meets Poetry
Posted 12/07/2018 02:54PM




 《The Three Oddest Words》

Wislawa Szymborska



When I pronounce the word Future

the first syllable already belongs to the past.


When I pronounce the word Silence,

I destroy it.


When I pronounce the word Nothing,

I make something no non-being can hold.






At Keystone, the Chinese Thread is a powerful tool that weaves our curriculum together and gives it a vibrant, global flavor. To enrich the lives of our students, we place a heavy emphasis on the merging of three rich educational traditions: The Chinese, The American, and the global. The diversity of our curriculum, with its heavy focus on China and its contribution to the world, expands our students’ worldviews in every grade, and allows all members of the community to gain a nuanced, critical understanding of the world and our place in it.



Our love for learning at Keystone is reinforced in academic subjects and across all subject areas. In contemporary instructional philosophy, it is important to cultivate in our students a global understanding of the world through an integrated and interdisciplinary curriculum. At Keystone, there are myriad avenues to achieve this linkage across multiple subject areas. A fine example of this in our school, is the merging of the Chinese traditional martial arts sports, Wushu, and Chinese Poetry.



What is the connection between Wushu and Poetry? How does one inform the other? Is there a connection at all?


Keystone’s Wushu team has recently received high praises and accolades for its award-winning Wushu Team, led by teacher Mr. Jim Mao. However, it is not just in Wushu that students learn to express themselves through carefully coordinated movements. Wushu, much like Poetry, is also a form of art. Their shared philosophies on life and expressions of ancient Chinese wisdom help our students to learn about the history and philosophies of China. Our students learn about the connections between themselves and China, and their unique place in this vast, and colorful world.


As students learn the art of Wushu, its form and its rhythm, they also learn the art of movement in Poetry. They are two seemingly unrelated subjects, with numerous shared characteristics. At Keystone, learning takes place in all of our classrooms, and in every facet of student life. From practicing Wushu movements, to reading sacred lines of Chinese Poetry.







Keystone’s Wushu team 


Reading Poetry for Children




Keystone Academy presents the 3rd Edition of Reading Poetry for Children. Please to view the highlights of these two fascinating subjects, and witness for yourself the connections between Wushu and Poetry.





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