Autumn Camping Expeditions
Posted 09/14/2018 10:53AM


Over the past two weeks, Keystone students from Grades 4-12 have taken their learning outdoors as they set out on their annual camping trips. Grades 4 and 5 went to the Baihe Gorge Camping Ground and Yudu Shan Mountain Park. Grades 6-10 explored the Grape Land Expo Park, Baihe Gorge Junior Camping Ground, Yudu Shan Mountain Park, and the Grape Land Expo Park. Grade 11 ventured to Inner Mongolia for six days as part of the Autumn Experiential Learning Program, and Grade 12 went to Miao Liang Centre for three days as part of their DP Group 4 Project.  



The annual autumn trips are a part of Keystone’s experiential learning program, based on the educational philosophy of “learning by doing and understanding”. Students cultivate transferable skills that are utilized during their academic and life journeys. 



This year, Keystone’s newly inaugurated Coordinator for Experiential Learning, Chris Cartwright, plans to expand the annual autumn trips and fully integrate it into Keystone’s Experiential Learning Program and academic curriculum.   


“Our autumn camping program needs to be directly embedded into our curriculum, it needs to be demonstrably developmental so that students, parents, and teachers can see how the program is beneficial to our students through their learning journeys at Keystone, from the youngest students to our graduates,” said Mr. Cartwright. “It needs to be fully integrated into our service learning programs, and outdoor education is a program that has tangible, physical challenge, where students tackle these problems creatively, and cultivate skills that they can then build on when they return to the classroom.”  


During these autumn camping trips, students develop stronger relationships with peers and teachers, while experiencing adventure activities in nature. Younger students enthusiastically tackled cooking challenges in the wilderness, and building rafting boats together as a team. Grade 12 students worked together for three days as part of their IB Diploma Programme Group project. 




Several students used mathematical theories to construct their boats, and they successfully completed their challenge that day. It was great to see students integrating academic subjects into their adventure activities,

 ——      Mr. Cartwright



As Keystone continues to expand, Mr. Cartwright hopes to shift the perception of experiential learning in our parent community. “These trips are not meant to distract students from their other academic commitments,” said Mr. Cartwright. “Camping trips greatly enhance their learning, their focus, and challenges students to take responsibility for their actions. These are skills they will take with them beyond their academic journeys at Keystone.”   





Please click here to browse through photos of this year’s camping expeditions.



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