Rite of Passage: Keystone's 5th Annual Matriculation Ceremony
Posted 09/07/2018 11:08AM




Over one hundred new middle school students ceremoniously walked to tunes of Scottish bagpipes beneath Keystone’s archways. In the audience were their peers, parents, faculty, and staff, each moved to tears as students took their seats, anxiously awaiting their induction to the Keystone community.




The Matriculation Ceremony at Keystone is one of the founding traditions in our community. Each year at the beginning of the autumn quarter, all new middle school students and their families are formally welcomed to Keystone through this momentous occasion. 





The ceremony honors each new student individually, offering not only a celebration of the past but also of the personal and academic journeys new students bring to Keystone. Students meet their peers across various grade levels and are supported by faculty who will be important in ensuring their time spent at Keystone is successful. 


For students, the ceremony consists of signing their names in Keystone’s Matriculation Book. One by one each student introduces themselves to members of the community, interspersing their introductions with small anecdotes of their previous lives, and sharing precious memories they’ve made during their brief time on campus. 

A single rose is given to each student by members of the faculty, symbolic of the joint commitment of the institution and student in fully carrying out the mission and culture of the school. 


To conclude the ceremony, students and faculty pledge to uphold Keystone’s five shared values by reciting in unison, the Keystone Covenant in Chinese and English. It is a true reflection of the commitment of each member of the community to each other and a promise to continue the tradition of lifelong learning and fellowship in the community. 


A generous round of applause follows the recitation. Students, families, faculty, and staff eagerly congratulate each other on this achievement, as it is formally the first step in their collective learning journeys at Keystone. 



Please click here to watch the video of this year’s matriculation ceremony. 




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