Mozart: The Child Prodigy Who Changed the World
Posted 06/08/2018 10:52AM

On June 5th, Keystone hosted the third edition of “I Love Artists”: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik: The Child Prodigy Who Changed the World. 

In the Performing Arts Center, pianist Jin Wenbin and Violinist Xi Chen performed Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s most acclaimed compositions as student moderators, performers, and special guest flutist Zhang Bile guided the audience through the mysterious yet enchanting world of this prolific 18th century composer. 


The concert opened with a crisp and intense combination of expressive melodies from Grade 3 student pianist Sophie Liang. Illuminating the stage with splashes of percussive color from one of Mozart’s compositions, “Allegro K1 Minuet K2,3”, the audience’s reception of the warm greeting was marked with excited whispers as they gazed towards the stage, hypnotized by Liang’s dynamic rendition of Mozart’s work. 



Throughout the evening, guests learned about the life and work of 18th century composer Mozart through a series of video montages interspersed between the students and artists’ performances. Pianist Jin Wenbin and Violinist Xi Chen performed exciting musical compositions that exuded the rhythmic intensity of Mozart’s finest pieces. Guest flutist Zhang Bile played a challenging piece accompanied by Grade 8 student pianist, Hebe Guo, making a smooth transition from the chords of the violin to the rapid, brisk, and dynamic tunes of the flute. 



The event concluded with a dialogue between Jin Wenbin, Xi Chen, Zhang Bile, and Director of Marketing and Communications Sabrina Liu. The discourse revolved around the colorful compositions that define Mozart’s work, the freshness of sound contemporary musicians infuse into classical music, the absence of musical clichés in the process of artistic creation, and ultimately the importance of the arts within the field of education. All proceeds from the event were donated to the Wings of Music charity and organizations advancing teacher training and education for children with autism in China. 


Keystone’s “I Love Artists” provides a space to engage with the best minds in the arts to share their views on traditional and modern aspects of art and education. Discussions between our prominent guests and the community spark creative and lively conversation around each topic. Keystone uses these events to highlight contemporary themes in education and other disciplines, and as opportunities to discuss, rethink, and revise current practices within the field of art and education. 



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