Tony Wang- Mathematics Enthusiast
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Journey to Keystone


When Tony Wang and his parents first made the transition to Keystone several years ago, their enthusiasm for the newly established school in Beijing was just the opportunity they were seeking in order to prepare Tony for an education that would expand his horizon. “Initially, coming from several public school in Beijing, I did not know much about international schools in China. There is such a reputation that international schools are only for privileged kids, so at first I really questioned if I would fit in this type of environment. But one thing that persuaded me to come to Keystone was the Chinese Thread. I have a strong interest in Chinese history and culture and I really wanted to explore those subjects in more depth” shared Tony.

Over the course of the last several years for Tony, the richness of Keystone’s signature Chinese Thread curriculum has provided him with a wealth of knowledge and opportunity in his homeland, and has inspired him to delve into other interests that he has. Through Keystone’s residential program, Tony has immersed himself in a living and learning community that has taught him how international minded his Keystone peers truly are, joined KAP (Keystone Afterschool Program) events, and has participated in a variety of mathematics competitions such as the NEAMC and the ISMTL (International School Math Teacher League). 

 “I have always been interested in math, and I was a bit worried about the math department at international schools. However, at Keystone the math department is very strong. And through the boarding life experience, I have even received the opportunity to recruit students for math competitions and have made solid friendships through that initiative. Looking back, this has been one of the best decisions that I have made, by choosing to attend this school that I know will help prepare me for my future,” Tony reflected.          





Mathematics and Beyond 


One of Tony’s interests outside of pure mathematics and logic puzzles is playing bridge. Bridge is a game that requires heavy calculations and analytical planning, and applying mathematical logic theorems to solve complex equations. Keystone’s IB Diploma Program requires that secondary school students choose three subjects to take at the standard level and the higher level at the end of the academic year during official examinations. For Tony, the choice was clear. As a student taking the higher-level mathematics IB exam, he has been inspired by his courses to explore his academic interests and share his passion for bridge with his classmates.



Tony enjoys participating in a number of mathematics competitions, and prior to joining Keystone he participated in mathematics competitions across Beijing. “In grade 7, I began playing bridge and became a bit addicted to the game. I would play every day for half an hour. However, the game is not only about problem solving, but it is also about the fact that math is a team setting game. When I joined Keystone, I recruited members join my club, the Bridge club, and now I have my teammates with me when we play in competitions,” stated Tony. Marrying his interests of mathematics and Bridge, Tony has founded a community of likeminded math enthusiasts at Keystone, which has in turn enriched his living and learning experience at the school.   





After Keystone



“When we were searching for schools in Beijing, my parents and I were looking for a school that would prepare me for life outside of China, so that I can be exposed to other cultures and gain new experiences. Keystone is a world school, which made it a very attractive option for us,” Tony remarked. 


Earlier in the academic year, several Keystone students applied to competitive colleges and universities throughout the world through the very complex early admissions cycles. Tony was one such student, whose aspirations and ambition surpass the boundaries of his imagination. Tony received offers from prestigious colleges and universities in the United Kingdom such as King’s College London and the University of Bath. Ultimately, this mathematics enthusiast and student leader will take his talents to the acclaimed St. Andrews University in Edinburgh, Scotland. “Keystone prepares students well for higher education. The decision to attend a school like Keystone gives me great pride and I am ready to attend university now thanks to this environment, curriculum, and opportunity that I gained here,” confirmed Tony.     



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