Symphony of Dreams: A Night With Chopin
Posted 03/02/2018 02:24PM

On 3rd February 2018, Keystone hosted its inaugural “I Love Artists Series” highlighting the life and work of 19th century Polish composer and pianist Frederic Chopin, and contemporary pianist and piano teacher Wenbin Jin.

In the Performing Arts Center, Symphony of Dreams: A Night With Chopin, opened with a stunning visual video montage of Director of Marketing and Communications, Sabrina Liu, immersed in a dream like world of classical music. Following the video presentation, the stage became even more alive educating the audience on Chopin’s musical history and helping to convey the true essence of his artistry.


Accompanying narrated videos were other dazzling performances from Keystone students, including a Polish dance performance as a nod to Chopin’s cultural background, and improvisational theatrical ensembles.

Pianist and piano teacher, Wenbin Jin, delighted the audience by playing original Chopin works on stage. The melodies reverberated throughout the performing arts center and enchanted the audience, who blissfully experienced the world of Chopin through Wenbin Jin’s artful masterpiece performance.

Frederic Chopin, 19th century Polish composer and pianist, was a talented musician in the Romantic era and became an influential composer for selected works for solo piano. His more famous works, such as “Nocturnes, Op. 9”, “Piano Concerto No. 1”, and “Etudes” have become hallmarks of classical piano music from that era and even today.  


Pianist and Yale School of Music alumnae Wenbin Jin is a heavily celebrated contemporary musician. Mr. Jin has won numerous awards for his artistic abilities, most notably 6th International Piano Competition. He has collaborated with numerous world renowned musicians and has traveled to the United States, Holland Italy, Canada, Japan, South Korea, France and Germany for musical recitals.

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