The Last Pure Wilderness on the Planet
Posted 01/26/2018 01:55PM

Completely surrounded by the Southern Ocean, Antarctica is the southernmost continent on the earth and covers nearly 14 million kilometers of land. Known as the world’s most mysterious continent, it is the coldest, driest, and windiest. It is home to a host of native organisms that have fueled our world since the beginning of time.

Last November, Grade 10 student Aurora Yu and two Keystone teachers, Ms. Gillian Williams and Mr. Andy Wang, voyaged to one of the most remote places on the planet: Antarctica. Alongside the China Tourism Association and the All-China Environment Federation, the group explored the Antarctic wilderness and natural wonders of this vast continent.

Their expedition began in Beijing, from where the group, representing Keystone, traveled to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, before finally settling into the South American city of Ushuaia, known as the gateway to Antarctica and often nicknamed the “End of the World”. There, the Keystone delegation and its sponsor organizations went aboard the Hurtigruten MS Fram ship, built in 2007 to “bring her guests closer to nature, wildlife and unforgettable experiences.” 

The weeks that followed were filled with lectures by leading experts on the Antarctic ecosystem, geological histories of the continent, ecological activity of seabirds, and introductions to the numerous ice islands that surround the continent, such as Cuverville Island and Pleneau. The group saw and captured on camera and film stunning views and encountered numerous animals on their expedition. 

From 15 January to 9 February, the expedition exhibit titled The Last Pure Wilderness on the Planet – Antarctica will be on display for all to revel in the Keystone delegation’s experiences. In Room 1144 on the first floor of the secondary school, visitors can view a fascinating collection of images taken by Aurora, Ms. Williams and Mr. Wang.

Visit the exhibit to catch a glimpse of wildlife on the world’s most remote continent. Postcards with images from the trip are for sale for 20RMB per set and all proceeds will be donated to an environmental non-profit agency for the protection of Antarctic species, such as the great humpback whale and King Adelie penguins.

Browse through the photo gallery and immerse yourself in this captivating, once in a lifetime experience!

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