Congratulations to Keystone Class of 2018!
Posted 01/19/2018 04:54PM


Keystone students and parents celebrate early acceptances to highly regarded colleges and universities around the world.  About one third of the 47-member senior class applied to numerous colleges and universities through Early Action and Early Decision admissions cycles, while the remainder of the class, opting to apply through the Regular Admissions cycle, eagerly await the official release of their college admissions decisions in March. Students received over 25 offers institutions to the US, Canada, the U.K, Australia, and Switzerland, providing a true reflection of the wealth of options available to our students to help them achieve their dreams.

Autumn 2017 marked the beginning of a new journey for Keystone’s Class of 2018. The early acceptance of our students is not representative of a conclusive list as this news is merely a reflection of early admissions results only. We look forward to expanding this list several months from now when all of our students are rewarded for their academic and personal achievements!



The Key to Finding the Best Fit

A plethora of colleges and universities around the world fall under several different categories: liberal arts colleges, research universities, and professional or vocational institutions. Liberal arts colleges place a strong emphasis on imparting broad, general knowledge to students at the undergraduate level. Research universities invest heavily in knowledge production and give high priority to research-driven studies. Professional or vocational institutions specialize in enhancing particular sets of skills to students interested in specific industries.

Of the highly selective liberal arts colleges in the US, Keystone students have received offers from Hobart and William Smith College, Middlebury College, and Wesleyan University.

For students interested in immersing themselves in research-driven knowledge, successful offers from private research universities such as Fordham University, Lehigh University, Northwestern University, Villanova University, and Wake Forest University have been awarded.

Other students received offers from more enterprising state institutions such as the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, the University of Iowa, and Michigan State University.

For students determined to achieve their dreams in a specific industry, such as industrial design, music, or engineering, offers have been well received from schools such as Berklee College of Music, Pratt Institute, Rochester Institute of Technology and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Across the Atlantic, Keystone students have received offers from the University of Bath, The University of Edinburgh, King’s College London, Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne in Switzerland, and the University of New South Wales in Australia.

This diverse range of remarkable institutions is a testament to how our students have found and subsequently chosen the path best suited for them, and to the dedication and commitment of Keystone’s college advising process. In addition to these university offers, some students received generous merit based scholarships as a reward for their academic accomplishments.
Keystone’s Unique College Advising Program

For most parents, deciding where and which post-secondary institution their child attends involves careful preparation for and knowledge of the various types of educational institutions that exist throughout the world. In last week’s community address in the weekly newsletter, In The Loop, Head of School Malcolm McKenzie wrote, “We do want our students to go to colleges that are right for each individual’s interests, needs, and personality. Finding this fit requires patience, expertise, and in many cases education about the vast majority of inspiring institutions that are not big brand names.”


Keystone has the advantage of having two full-time Directors of College counseling, Amanda Yan, and Percy Jiang; with the additional assistance of Martha Lyman working alongside them as a consultant with many years of experience in the admissions departments of Deerfield Academy and Harvard University.

The type of education provided to students and parents by Amanda and Percy is organized with the ultimate goal of providing individualistic and holistic approaches to guiding students in the highly competitive college application process. A key component in this advising stems from Keystone’s unique boarding experience, allowing access to students in a much more intentional and effective way.



Amanda and Percy take full advantage of the after-hours boarding time to provide additional information to Keystone students. The opportunity to interact with students outside of academic contexts allows for greater connections with the students and the chance to truly observe the students in their element. They have attended theatre productions, participated in exciting dining hall discussions and KAP program events, and witnessed students take leadership positions in local community service projects and service learning excursions abroad. 

The counselors also accompany students and their families on college and university visits and often invite college admissions representatives to campus to host informational sessions for parents who are new to the complex US college and university admissions process. This type of support enables the college counselors to build strong bonds between student and counselor and allows them to match a student more clearly to a college or university that is the best fit for them.

Their accomplishments within the classroom carry as much merit as how they organize their time outside of the classroom and their academic accomplishments and creative ambitions are equally highlighted in their applications to various colleges and universities by the counselors.




In Their Own Words



I’m very grateful for the assistance and guidance of our college counselors throughout the entire process. Since our first meeting, they have been an advocate for colleges that really suit me, and they have respected my decisions every step of the way. I think together we found the right balance, or like a middle ground, between me making all the decisions and being overly confident about myself, and their steering and dictating of my college choices, and hence, the life of any young adult for the next four years. They have always remained professional and respectful of my thoughts, choices, and decisions.   

–G12 Student



By applying for university, children stand at a new starting point, their own development goals are clearer, their learning motivation is enhanced, communication awareness and skills are improved, and their confidence is increased. As parents, we think these gains are as good as receiving the acceptance letter from a prestigious university.

– G12 Parent


I am very excited for the students who have received early acceptances to colleges of their choice. It is very rewarding to see colleges recognizing that our students are prepared for the next stage, not only academically, but as students who will be able to carry Keystone’s mission forward to their campuses. There is more good news to come when students hear from the regular admission’s decisions and I can’t wait to see our students succeeding in university.                                                             

  - Diana Martelly, Head of High School


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