The Power of The Stage with Meng Jinghui
Posted 01/12/2018 02:38PM


On 24 January, Keystone’s Education Salon will welcome prominent guest director Meng Jinghui. Meng was born in 1965 and graduated from the Central Academy of Drama to become one of the country’s leading directors and one of the most influential figures on the Asian theatrical art scene. He is currently the director of the National Theatre Company of China. Meng Jinghui’s works include “Si Fan”, “Death of an Anarchist”, “A Hundred Years of Solitude”, “Rhinoceroses in Love”, “The Bedbug”, “Head Without Tail”, “Amber”, “Flower in the Mirror, Moon on the Water, “The Balcony”. 

In the world of contemporary Chinese Avant garde theatre, Meng Jinghui is a figure to be reckoned with. His 1991 work “Waiting for Gadot” caused a sensation in China’s art community, with late collaborative works such as “Hamlet” and “Rhinoceroses in Love” breaking new ground on the theatrical scene. Meng has continued to produce other great pieces such as the “Amber” in 2005, the 2006 “Flower in the Mirror, Moon on the Water”, “Two Dogs’ Opinion on Life” in 2007 and his 2010 work “Soft”. The quick succession of these unique avant-garde masterpieces has made Meng Jinghui the leading light of Chinese contemporary theatre. 

 As one of the most influential and prolific directors in Asia, Meng Jinghui’s works have been enthusiastically received by audiences around the world. His unconstrained (or even wild) directing style, quirky plotlines and unique take on traditional works, turning them upside down by adding seemingly irrelevant musical interludes, have all become the hallmarks of this director. 

Meng Jinghui has continued to push boundaries on the stage by bringing together classical Western theatre and the traditions of Chinese opera. In his works, Meng generally strips away all the backdrops, lights and props that generally clutter the stage and instead makes his actors the true center of attention. The actors are the main focus for the audience and the ones who carry the plot forward.

“I love theatre, it fills every sense of being and is the driving force in my life. Whenever I create a new work, I strive to not merely present a new play for audiences but also hope that I can make my own small contribution to the history of theatre.” In January 2018, we are honored to welcome Meng Jinghui to our series of salons here at Keystone to share his unique insights and experiences of the stage.

Keystone students will equally share the stage with Meng Jinghui, indulging in intellectual discourse with this creative force. To find out more information regarding this stimulating event, click here.

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