Relaunching Learning The Keystone Way
Posted 01/05/2018 02:34PM

The inaugural issue of Learning The Keystone Way released last academic year introduced our community to wonderful and unforgettable teaching and learning moments, and celebrated the achievements- big and small- of our young school. In that issue, the concept of lifelong learning was brought forth in narratives with the help of students, teachers, staff, faculty, visitors and guests; and illustrated the growing and global community that has blossomed here at Keystone.

The pillars that uphold our school, and community are sprinkled all across our beautiful campus. From community services projects that challenge students to become global citizens through championing for human rights and the right to dignity, to visual arts workshops that mold our young, bourgeoning artisans of China to design conscious, sustainable field projects that shift our thinking to prepare for generations after us. At Keystone, the hallmark of lifelong learning is embedded in our mission statement, and as we grow together in the pursuit of lifelong learning, and plant the seeds of knowledge and creativity in all of our endeavors, we evolve into more than just an institution nestled in the Northwest suburbs of Beijing. The hallmark of a Keystone education is not how we define ourselves in China and in the world, but how we interact with each other in our community and with the world at large.

We are excited to announce Learning The Keystone Way anthology again, this year. A careful and special compilation of stories, articles, videos, and photographs have been consolidated in this new anthology, and as we continue to delve into our young past and march towards the future, we celebrate the strides we have made collectively as a community. This is the Keystone way.  

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School Events

    • Saturday - April 21, 2018 Poetic Travelogue, A Convergence of Emotions, Thoughts and Words 3:00 PM to 5:30 PMBeijing Brillant Beauties Garden, Shuny
    • Tuesday - April 17, 2018 Cello Fantasia: A Spring Reverie To reserve tickets 6:00 AM to 7:30 AMPerforming Arts Center
Western Association Of Schools And Colleges Round Square
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