Winter Celebration Honors International Mindedness
Posted 12/15/2017 09:10AM

By Lara Louw

The theme for this year’s Primary School Winter Celebration was International Mindedness. Being internationally minded is a value that Keystone aims to foster in our children through our curriculum. At Keystone, we aim to create a national and international perspective while thinking of the independence and interdependence of countries and cultures around the world.

Today, the primary school students showcased the internationally minded learning experiences they’ve enjoyed this year. Grade 5 shared their own understanding of what it means to be internationally minded. Laura Wu explained that to her this means that,  “you explore other countries’ cultures and that you share the culture of your own country.” Walter Liu said that it means you don’t only care about your own country, but about other countries as well.  

Grade 4 inquired into various countries and cultures by participating in Mystery Skype calls with schools around the world where you share information about your culture and country without saying where you are from. The students use their research and inquiry skills to discover where the country is and to learn more about the culture.

Grade 4 explored global issues such as rhino poaching and the ivory trade, plastic pollution, air pollution, and issues that would need a wider cultural representation in solving it as the issues cross borders. Jenny Manshu Wang said that without actions, our words mean nothing, “be the change you want to see in the world.” “The future depends on what we do today, end poaching immediately,” added Tiger Ruopan Song. The grade 4’s are becoming more aware and passionate about global issues.

The Winter Celebration showcased a variety of international poems, stories, and songs from across the globe. The students greeted each other in several languages while parading with flags that represent the Keystone community. It was a wonderful celebration and a great start in fostering our community’s international mindedness.

Lara Louw is a Grade 1 English Teacher at Keystone and this year’s Winter Celebration Coordinator.

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