Keystone Matriculates 228 Secondary Students
Posted 09/01/2017 01:56PM

“Please allow yourself to be led into this community with your minds and your hearts open. Open to wondrous intellectual adventures, to fulfilling emotional growth, and to outcomes beyond your dreams. There is always so much more in each one of us than we think, and we must remain open-spirited in order to realize our dreams,“ remarked Head of School Malcolm McKenzie.

Addressing the 228 students seated under the Keystone Archway to the drifting resonance of Scottish bagpipes, Mr. McKenzie emphasized: “What is important is that you have earned a place in our community through your motivation, hard work, and achievements, and through your clear demonstration that you want to make full use of the varied opportunities offered to you here. Your honor will be earned internally, not through some status that you bring with you from outside.”

Keystone’s Matriculation Ceremony is a simple and elegant celebration. It marks the formal induction of new secondary students into Keystone’s Secondary Division as full members of our learning community. This annual tradition takes place under the Academy’s Archway symbolizing the importance of its Keystone in locking all the stones into position and supporting the entire structure, just like the Academy’s three keystones are fundamental to its founding and school culture.

“Our open hearts mean that we are generous, warm, and embracing in our welcome. We have been waiting months for you to arrive. Now that you are here, you have enlarged our school, not only in size. We thank you for your presence. We share your excitement. Our hearts beat together, and together we breathe life and learning into these fine buildings,” Mr. McKenzie continued.

As students came forward one at a time, they signed their names in the Keystone matriculation books and introduced themselves to the community, which in turn welcomed each student to the echo of applause. In unison, like a choir, the inductees then pledged their commitment to the Keystone community by reading out loud, both in Chinese and English, the Keystone Covenant of Shared Values: Ren (Compassion), YI (Justice), LI (Respect), ZHI (Wisdom) and XIN (Honesty). The Covenant reflects our commitment to each other and our community by orienting our behavior, guiding our actions, and informing our sensibilities.

Welcome to Keystone, we wish you a happy and productive time here,” concluded Mr. McKenzie. “We will keep your names in our matriculation books for many years to come and we ask that you keep Keystone in your hearts for years and years to come.”

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