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Keystone Academy: A New World School for A New World
Posted 04/18/2014 08:35PM

Four years ago Ms. Yang Yanling, a Chinese woman and mother of two, began looking for a school to enroll her children. She did not find an ideal school at the time. Schools in China were either too traditional, with little emphasis on creativity and developing a well-rounded student, or they were too international, leaving Chinese children without a good foundation in their own language and culture. Schools overseas would force her to separate herself from her children and cut her children off from their cultural ties to China. She was not willing to accept these losses, especially at such a critical period in her children's development and maturation. This process of research, reflection, and analysis gave birth to her ideal of a dream education. Ms. Yang describes her dream as this: "I wanted a school for my children, a school that would offer them a world-class education and also educate them to be proud Chinese ambassadors. But I wanted a school of this quality for other Chinese children, not just my own, and for others from abroad who wish to find out about our wonderful culture and country."

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