How does my child apply for admission to Keystone Academy?

Admission requirements will differ slightly, depending on the grade level of the applicant. Please consult the How to Apply page to see specific requirements for each grade.

What qualifications does my child have to meet to be admitted to Keystone Academy?

A qualified student is one who is likely to find success in the Academy’s bilingual, residential, and university-preparatory programs. Depending on the applicant’s age, this determination will be made by Keystone through a variety of means. We are looking for students who bring unique qualities to their grade at the Academy, and who distinguish themselves through their potential, their academic record, and their performance on the various components of our admission process.

What is Keystone’s teacher to student ratio? How many students are in each class?

Keystone has, on average, eight students for every teacher in the Academy. Primary school classes will have 18 students working with a teacher and a learning assistant in a bilingual setting. Middle and high school classes have up to 18 students in each section. Our small classes allow for more individualized instruction and greater student participation.

Does Keystone admit local Chinese national students? What is the ratio of local Chinese national students to foreign nationals?

Keystone Academy was founded with Chinese students in mind, but we also recognize the advantages of a diverse student body to enhance global awareness and understanding in all our students and faculty. While the majority of our students are Chinese, we also recruit foreign nationals to our student body.

Where is Keystone Academy located? Do you offer school bus transportation services?

Keystone is located in the Shunyi district of Beijing, within walking distance of the Houshayu station on Line 15 of the Beijing subway system. Optional bus transportation is available from several key locations around Beijing for an additional fee.

Is there an application fee?

Our application fee is 2000RMB or $315 USD (non-refundable). Applications will not be processed until the application fee or waiver has been received.

What is Keystone’s tuition fee?

Tuition for the current school year is:

Primary School: 250,000RMB

Middle School: 280,000RMB

Boarding: 387,500RMB

Tuition for the next school year will be determined in February . Tuition is comparable with those at the top private boarding and day schools from around the world. Scholarship funds are available for talented students who do not have the resources to pay full tuition. Families can expect small tuition increases of 3-5% every year to cover increases in the school’s personnel and operations costs.

Does Keystone provide any scholarships?

Keystone is committed to enrolling the best candidates, and we recognize that many talented students do not have the resources to afford our tuition. For these reasons, we have established a merit and need based scholarship program. Scholarships will go to applicants who have distinguished themselves in both academic scholarship and character, and demonstrate the potential to contribute meaningfully to the Academy community. Applicants who want to be considered for a scholarship, must complete Scholarship Application form by the regular application deadline. For more information, please refer to our scholarship brochure by clicking here.

What is the first day of school for the 2019-20 school year

Boarding students will arrive for orientation on August 18. School begins on August 19 for all divisions. To see the draft calendar of 2019-20 school year, click here.

Where do Keystone students usually go after graduating? Do students take the university entrance exam or apply for universities abroad? Can they apply for universities and colleges in China?

Keystone Academy students are prepared to consider top English-speaking universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. While these English-speaking schools are likely to be the focus of most Keystone scholars, our students will also have the educational foundation they need to consider top schools in China and around the world. Keystone will support students through the steps of the application process, and serve as a site for required university-entrance exams. For a complete list of university acceptances for our first graduating class, click here

Can students join Keystone in the middle of the school year?

The curriculum at Keystone Academy is cumulative. There are established units and objectives at each grade level—in English and in Chinese—that build upon knowledge and skills attained in the course of the year. We feel that entering at the start of a school year best facilitates a student’s learning and transition into our program. Despite the cumulative nature of our curriculum and the timeline of our admission process, it may be possible, in rare circumstances, for us to admit students mid-year. Families should contact the admission office with questions about mid-year entry.

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