Academic Leadership Team

Edward J. Shanahan

Edward J. Shanahan has been in secondary and post-secondary education in New England for over 40 years.
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Malcolm McKenzie
Head of School

Malcolm Mckenzie grew up in South Africa, and studied at the Universities of Cape Town, Oxford and Lancaster.
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Associate Head of School and Dean of Curriculum

Lili Jia is a passionate teacher and educator with more than 27 years of experience.
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Diana Martelly
Head of High School

Diana Martelly is a passionate educator with more than 30 years of experience.
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Maureen McCoy
Head of Middle School

With over three decades of experience in teaching and education administration, Maureen McCoy is Keystone’s Head of Middle School.
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Catherine Copeland
Head of Primary School

Catherine Copeland hails from Canada where she had a rich multicultural and bilingual upbringing.
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Chris McColl
Dean of Admission

A graduate of Johns Hopkins and Georgetown universities, Chris McColl spent seven years working at Read More

Paulina Aguilera
Dean of Faculty

Paulina Aguilera has served in IB schools around the globe for 20 years.
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Kelli Sanchez
Dean of Student Life

Kelli Sanchez has worked in several different capacities during her time as an educator.
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Nick Daniel
Assistant Head of High School and IBDP Coordinator

Nick Daniel has worked in IB schools across the world for two decades, including postings in Peru, Argentina, Thailand and China.
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Meredith Phinney
Assistant Head of Middle School

Meredith Phinney is Assistant Head of Middle School at Keystone.
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Gao Hongwei
Coordinator of IB MYP

Hongwei Gao has been an IB educator for more than seventeen years. She is an MYP and DP workshop leader and a TOK examiner. Read More

Beryl Nicholson
Assistant Head of Primary School

Beryl Nicholson has been working in International Schools for over 30 years.
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Grace Wang
Assistant Head of Primary School

Grace Wang joined in Keystone Primary School as a founding staff member in 2014.
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Derek Davies
Director of Activities

Derek Davies is Keystone's first Director of Activities.
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Kacy Song
Director of Libraries

Kacy Song is the Director of Libraries.
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Sandra Chow
EdTech Director

Sandra Chow is dedicated to preparing the next generation for their future.
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Brad Orr
Director of Center for Student Development

Brad Orr has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Davidson College, and a Master of Arts in Read More

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