Ride the “Waves of the Future” in Latest Keystone Magazine

By Communications

A growing number of educators worldwide advance the educational concept of deep learning, described as “an approach and an attitude to learning” where learners “[examine] new facts and ideas critically, and [tie] them into existing cognitive structures.”

At Keystone Academy, students go farther into their explorations of the depths of learning and emerge with reflective knowledge, causing a positive ripple effect to the communities where they live. We document some of these fantastic moments in the ninth edition of The Keystone Magazine, titled “Waves of the Future”.

Consider this issue as your vessel on that journey. Buckle up as we have some curious learners readying their “trip to Mars”—actually, they have prepared their “habitats” using a video game! Also, you will meet teenagers who have looked within themselves to find answers to some pressing issues and challenges in life. Meanwhile, our guest speakers will keep us grounded with their insights into the transcendent legacy of the Forbidden City and the liberating allure of poetry.

“Our 2021 edition of The Keystone Magazine is all about the kind of learning that just keeps on drilling down, not only to the next level, but deeper and deeper,” Head of School Malcolm McKenzie says in his foreword.

“From our beginnings as a place of learning, we have tried to infuse into our philosophy and practice a true sense of ‘deep learning’.  In the past year or two, however, I have preferred to speak of ‘deeper learning’.  ‘Deep’ learning suggests something that is finite, a fixed layer of learning that can be reached. ‘Deeper’ is more flexible and progressive. Deeper learning is a continuing exploration under a surface whose depths cannot be fully plumbed,” he continues.

We hope that this magazine issue will inspire you, our dear reader, to stay curious and rethink views, just like what our students do, so the coming generations can enjoy the fullness of life on this planet. Uncertainties may be unsettling, but they also encourage us to focus on the things that matter as we ride the waves of the future.

Enjoy reading!



The Keystone Magazine is also a space to reflect as our journey continues, progresses, and evolves. Through the magazine, we invite everyone to witness the growth of a new world school and the making of generations of new world thinkers. For copies, please contact communications@keystoneacademy.cn.