Catherine hails from Canada where she had a rich multicultural and bilingual upbringing. She has been teaching, consulting, and leading learning for almost 30 years in Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, and Spain. Although Catherine has taught and lead students of all ages, her true passion lies with primary school. Catherine was the Founding Head of Primary for United World College in the Netherlands and subsequently has founded a number of international schools in southern Spain. She is an advocate for global education and world schools with a particular research focus in dual language bilingual and multilingual language learning. Her most recent studies in Educational Science and International Education were at the University of Amsterdam for her Master’s Degree and the University of Bath in the UK for post-graduate (PGCE) studies. Catherine has published a chapter in the book Taking the IPC Forward and will continue to develop the IPC curriculum at Keystone Academy. Catherine loves being a global citizen and is excited to live and work in China. She looks forward to developing the high quality of education at Keystone Academy as the leader of the Primary School.