Keystone at a glance

  • 1675
    Student population
  • 350
    Faculty members
  • 600+
    Weekly co-curricular activities
  • 82000
    Library collections
  • 1 : 1
    Apple device to student ratio
  • 25
    Nationalities represented at Keystone
Our strong commitment to teachers

Salary and Benefits

Keystone Academy understands that teachers need a safe, caring and professional environment to thrive.

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  • Salary and benefits

    • Equitable compensation for all teaching staff
    • Competitive remuneration and benefits package
  • Medical

    • Comprehensive medical package for faculty and dependents
  • Accommodation

    • Fully furnished apartments in the residential buildings for teachers who live on campus
    • Housing benefits for teachers off campus
  • Travel

    • Flight home allowance to place of origin every year
Growth and development

Professional Growth

Keystone Academy believes that learning is at the center of our vision and mission. At our school, learning is a life-long journey framed by our five shared values. Keystone made a conscious decision to adopt the term “growth” over the more popular term “development” as “growth” reminds us all of the central purpose of our profession: to effect positive change

Individual Funds
Teachers can apply for PG opportunities linked to their professional and personal goals each year.
Dedicated PG Days
Days set aside during the weekday throughout the year. Students have these days off.
Language Lessons
Learn Chinese or English from teachers and students - classes offered once a week.
Caring people make a difference

Faculty Well-Being

At Keystone we believe that we need to take care of ourselves in order to take care of others. This was identified as the top priority by faculty in 2020. Keystone offers pastoral care for our students, and likewise, the social, emotional, and physical well-being of our teachers are important.

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Meet Our Teachers

Ashley Qiu on Combining Passion and Purpose in Math Teaching

Accuracy does matter in many other real-life situations. However, Ms. Qiu believes that when students place too high a premium on perfection, they miss out on finding possibilities or even experiencing enlightening failures. When they are encouraged to consider other sides of a math problem or view content knowledge from different perspectives, “they see new ways of learning and focus on how their minds adapt to conquer difficulties,” thus developing their critical and creative thinking.

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Science Teacher Baldeep Sawhney Bonds Engagement and Experiences Together

“It is already mind-blowing for students to know that the universe is vast, but still, we have no way of comprehending it fully. But looking at what humanity has achieved in the past 10,000 years gives them that spark to think, ‘We can achieve more, together.’”

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Pioneer in World History Deborah Smith Johnston on Presenting the Future to Students

“I’ve watched enough Star Trek to know that if you want to change the past, it will mess up the present. If we’re trying to prepare our students for the future, I want to go to the future and look at what skills I should be teaching my students. When I return to the present, I will be able to help my students live in that world ahead of time, 100 years from now.”

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Why Every Walk Away Leads Chinese Teacher Feng Qiongqiong to a Better Beginning

If there’s a phrase that would sum up Feng Qiongqiong’s life from college to present, it would be “walking away.” When Ms. Feng was still living in her hometown in Jiangxi Province more than a decade ago, she pursued a teaching career at a century-old school which others could only envy. Later, however, she followed the path of her personal hero in leaving her sought-after post to take a postgraduate degree in Beijing. After graduating with a PhD from Beijing Language and Culture University, Ms. Feng once more walked away from an opportunity, this time teaching at that very institution. Instead, she came to Keystone Academy.

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Professional growth day - archery lesson 02