Marie Loan

As an English homeroom teacher at Keystone, what are the benefits of learning a second language for children?

Learning English is very beneficial to children as it opens doors for their future.English is a predominant language in this world.Having a good grasp of the English language can help with getting into various prestigious universities in the world and it can also expand job opportunities.It helps with staying connected to what is happening in the world.English is widely used as the language of communication even in countries where it is not considered one of the main languages and this can be a huge benefit when traveling to other parts of the world.

Please describe a day in your life on campus during and after school?

My day at Keystone often starts with breakfast with colleagues.I feel very fortunate to be able to stay on campus as this has given me an opportunity to connect with staff.After breakfast, I proceed with my day of teaching two Grade One classes.If I am not meeting with my Grade level teachers, I am often talking to them during breaks to catch up on what is happening in their classrooms and to share ideas. When I am finished for the day, I go over student’s work and/or plan for the following day.

Outside of school hours, I take advantage of the many social activities offered by the school, such as day trips and transportation to the Pinnacle and Shine shopping and entertainment centers in the area.

Aside from being an English homeroom teacher, do you also facilitate an after school co-curricular activity, KAP (Keystone Activity Program) as they are called?

Each Monday, I run a Games KAP with a group of Grade 3 and 4 students.We have had a lot of fun together learning new games.They are teaching me some games now as well.

What do you find most rewarding about teaching at Keystone?

At Keystone, I would have to say that the sense of community is the most rewarding part of teaching here.In August, I found it to be a real challenge to get to know my students and to really connect with them due to the language barrier.In a short time however, I’ve gotten to know my students and we can all communicate with each other very well.I am very much enjoying my two groups.It is most definitely very rewarding to witness the student progress. I feel a real sense of community with my relationships with both my English and Chinese partners as well.I feel very fortunate to work with such wonderful people and I am very happy to be here.The parent community has also been extremely supportive.I am most grateful for that.

All of these aspects are a big part of my professional growth and my sense of well being here at Keystone.

Why would you recommend Keystone to prospective faculty?

I would highly recommend Keystone to prospective faculty as it is a place where you can continue to grow as a teacher and where you can build wonderful relationships with colleagues.

Marie Loan
Primary School, Homeroom Teacher