Greg Barnes

Dorm parents are part of the multi-layered advising and supervising structure of Keystone’s academic and residential life programs. Residential dorm parents live in the dorms in private apartments. How would you describe your home away from home?

Since our daughters have recently moved out to go to college, it’s been a real pleasure having a new group of teenagers to look after in our home away from home.Our apartment is spacious and comfortable, and we are rarely disturbed by any noise from our neighboring boarding students (10th & 11th Grade boys).The facilities staff are friendly and helpful, and the campus facilities (including swimming pool and exercise room) are more than just comfortable.Visiting with other staff in their apartments is always a pleasure, and everyone has added the personal touches necessary to make their apartments feel like home.

What are your essential duties and responsibilities as a dorm parent during the week? How do student proctors assist you in your duties?

Once per week, I am “on duty” as supervising dorm parent from 7pm until Lights Out at around 10:30pm.During this time, students turn in their mobile phones and observe quiet study time.We have a common area on the floor with small rooms for students to study together in small groups.At the end of the night, all students must turn in their laptops and mobile phones to a “technology room” where their devices charge overnight.The Student Proctors help with all the logistics, and also help with room checks and keeping track of who needs to do what.

What might weekend duty look like as part of the residential life weekend program?

Weekend duty usually involves two assigned responsibilities, each one lasting around two hours.If you have something you want to do with boarding students that stay in the residence halls for the weekend (visit an art exhibit, or show a movie), that activity can count as one of your assignments.Otherwise, we are assigned some kind of monitoring duty or hall sweep responsibility.

Do you also have time to explore areas of interest outside of teaching Math and your responsibilities as a dorm parent?

Definitely!I’m involved in playing with a band of other teachers, and I go out every Thursday night for a trivia contest a group of us participate in.I only have one weekend duty assignment per month, and I have supervision responsibilities on my dorm floor one night per week. I have every other night of the week free, and most weekends are free to travel or relax.

How do you spend your weekends and school breaks?

During our last break, my wife and I traveled to Thailand.We’re looking forward to exploring more travel opportunities during upcoming breaks.Weekends are usually for relaxing or playing music.

Greg Barnes
Secondary School, Math Teacher